To Set up Your Domain Name Servers at, do the following:

  1. Log in to your NameCheap account manager at:

  2. Select Domain List from the left side menu and click on Manage button next to your domain:

  3. Find Nameservers section and choose Customfrom the drop-down menu. Save changes using the corresponding icon:
  4. Then add the WA Hosting DNS settings to the Specify Custom DNS Servers section.
    Again, here are the WA Hosting DNS settings:

    Click Save Changes. You are all set, your DNS settings are updated and you can now create a website on WA Hosting.

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map3 Premium
If you're using HostMonster like I am, here are the steps:

1) Click "Domains" tab next to WordPressTools.
2) Check the Domain Box on the bottom left side where your domains are.
3) Click the "Name Servers" tab.
4) Click "Use Custom Nameservers"

This is where I had to call HostMonster..
So I didn't see that you could scroll down because it doesn't look like there's a section to scroll down from how it's cut off. Now I know and just wanted to make sure others didn't waste time contacting them after reading this.

They said it could take up to 4 hours to take effect.
Hope this has helped!
sybull Premium
You'd be better off buying here. I used to think Go Daddy was cheaper and then I found out we get privacy registration included for free so it's actually cheaper if you include that. I don't know much about whois but I'd think there are more benefits to registering thru WA with that too.
jawwad777 Premium
ok so what is this link for?

I have no idea what this is and how am i supposed to login if i have never even heard of or registered here? i need some clarification here.

I purchased my domain from godaddy recently and the just completed the last step of adding the hosting link or something on godaddy, but what is this "" thing? i cannot proceed to the next step until i figure this out, can someone please help here thanks, i dont understand this tech stuff, my brain does not function on this level, your help would really be appreciated
Labman Premium Plus
GoDaddy is your registrar, one and one is the hosting. Since you are with WA, you can host here. You won't need an account at 1&1.

You may want to consider transferring your registration to WA at some point (instead of renewing at GoDaddy) For now, just point the nameservers to WA and use the hosting here that is included with your Premium membership.
MsMerry Premium
You have done everything you need to do if you pointed or transferred your domain from GoDaddy. 1and1 is just another hosting company that people may have used. You used GoDaddy, so just keep going in your training.
starduzt Premium
Hi Labman am really LOST since yesterday ... : (

just purchase my domain at WA ... now,
what is the host domain?
do I really need to purchase this to godaddy or 1&1

I want to transfer my free installed website - to the domain I just purchase from WA but for some reason it really confused me coz I cannot get through to the process ...

crying emoji : (
Labman Premium Plus
If you purchased the domain at WA and you have a siterubix site, then you can go into the SiteRubix menu item, and click on Site Manager. Here you will see your siterubix site. In the boxes at the bottom of the site listing there is one called move.

Click on this and follow the prompts. You will enter the domain name that you purchased and the content on your siterubix site will appear on your new domain.

Then you just need to add more content on the new site.
AlphaRat49 Premium
I don't understand this stuff. Why do I need to point my GoDaddy domain name to WA? I have never done this stuff before and don't want to screw up something. Can I use the GoDaddy as it sits and build the website here on WA under the SiteRubix ?? Or is that why you have to point it to WA? What are the differences between having something pointed at WA instead of GD? I am a doof here.
MozMary Premium Plus
sounds like you bought your domain name at godaddy?

or did you buy hosting there?

can you remember what you signed up to there or bought from them? Sounds like you don't have a website set up already

Domain names are bought for a one off fee of a few dollars and renewed every year, but they still need hosting, you point the domain name from wherever you bought it to whoever your host is - you've got hosting with your membership here and it is cheaper than their top hosting plan there, so all you have to do is put the WA server numbers into your godaddy domain name account, when you log in they've got a box for that [search bar should bring up some training on it]

Why pay twice for hosting or keep your website hosted on a cheap plan or why pay for and drive a cheap car when you've already paid for a racecar here parked round the back, unused?

the search bar top of the page gives lots of explanations on this
tgtobb Premium
All you are doing is telling the world, through GoDaddy where your website is being hosted. Think of the domain name server the same as the card catalog file in your public library, you look up the book title (in our case the website) you want to see, the card tells you which shelf and book number to look for to find your book, in our case the domain name server is telling your web browser what hosting server (WA) has your website and where to look to display it on your screen.

It's actually pretty simple even though not exactly intuitive. :-)
AlphaRat49 Premium
Cool deal, thanks for the explanation. I will give it a go.
Regards, David
AlphaRat49 Premium
I did just buy the domain name. It has been sitting there waiting to be used for a few months
AlphaRat49 Premium
I understand it a little better now. Except I lost my library card a while back. haha. Take care, David
MsMerry Premium
You want to point your GoDaddy domain name here so you can use that domain name on the website you are going to be building here. You can leave that domain at GoDaddy and not point the servers to WA but then you will need to come up with a different domain name or use the free sites. It is more professional looking to have your own and the pointing of the servers is as easy as Kyle points out. Once you do it you will be surprised at how easy it was.
AlphaRat49 Premium
Got it done. Way easier than building the website
DrSound Premium
I just went through the steps with network solutions. They've been costing me a fortune since I only used them for email and once hosted a site for a organization that I helped found. Once that was transferred to the University of Michigan's server, I should have left network solutions, but instead I just left money in their coffers.

So, I wait to move on to build out the web page until the transfer is complete.

The email comes over as well, correct?
littlemama Premium Plus
You will need to create that email again, but you can ask Site Support to make sure.