What is a keyword?

It is a word or a phrase that someone types into a search engine. People use words or phrases to find things they are looking for online and there are BILLIONS of keywords out there.

As an affiliate marketer and here within Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to become an expert with keyword research and coming up with search terms that people type into search engines.

Here is a birds eye view of the process of SEO, from keyword to the money.

Importance of Keywords to Your Business

Keywords are instrumental in your business, they are the starting point of all of your rankings & traffic. Whether you are attempting to rank in search engines for FREE (through search engine optimization) or paying for traffic through pay-per-click, keywords are YOUR WAY of capturing highly relevant and engaged visitors to your website.

As an example, let's say that I am looking for the best affiliate marketing training online. I would most likely type in:

You could, in theory, target this very keyword with a page/post on your website and then rank for it in Google. When you get ranked in Google, your post will show up within the natural search results.

These are natural, SEO rankings. This would lead to traffic (people coming to your website) and then you could make such recommendations, like Wealthy Affiliate and earn commissions as a result.

That is how search engine optimization works, initially we are going to be teaching you how to get ranked through SEO (for FREE) but down the road in bootcamp you are going to learn how you can drive traffic to your website through paid avenues, like PPC and Facebook Ads.

What Tools Do You Need to Find Keywords

There are many keyword and research tools on the market. I have used pretty much all of them over the years, from Google's in house keyword tool to expensive keyword research platforms out there. None of them provided the data that I needed!

I found that most ended up providing useless, and often times, very inaccurate information.

Introducing Jaaxy, an Affiliate and Internet Marketers dream research platform. Not only does it capture the data you need about a keyword, it does it in a very efficient manner.


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Task 1: Research and Find 5 Keywords Relating to Your Niche

When you get a grasp for keyword research, you are truly going to be in a position where you have TOO MANY keywords and not enough time. That is a good position to be in.

When starting out though, it might feel as though there is some sort of keyword scarcity. This feeling usually dissipates when you sit down to start performing some keyword research within your given target audience.

Again, each post you publish on your website is going to target a specific keyword. Then as you build out content targeting that keyword, you will start to get rankings, which leads to traffic and ultimately the driving force of your revenue.

START BROAD, Narrow Down.

My tendency is to start broad, and narrow down to something more specific. For example, I can search a term like "affiliate" in Google, and come up with a lot of ideas before I even commence my research in a keyword tool like Jaaxy.

When you type any term into Google, they offer you "Google Instant" results meaning that they will show you predictive results based on what you are typing. This is an incredible way to find new keywords.

Let's quickly look at the "affiliate" example. If you type this phrase into Google, it is going to give you a bunch of instant, predictions.

One search, I already have FOUR new ideas that I could plug into Jaaxy.

  • affiliate marketing
  • affiliate programs
  • affiliate definition
  • affiliate marketing canada

I can then continue typing and I will get more Google Instant predictive results.

I have another FOUR ideas, that I could now plug into Jaaxy. These terms are getting more narrow, and more targeted which is what we are after here.

I can then keep going. In this case, I am going to type out "affiliate marketing training". Here are the results in Google.

As you can see, another FOUR terms.

By typing literally THREE words into Google, I have come up with 12 brand new keyword ideas. These are keywords that I can then plug into Jaaxy and completely my keyword research.

To complete your research and derive AWESOME keywords, it is important though that you understand what type of keywords you are after here.

The 3 Criterion Your Keywords Must Meet

There are 3 qualifying factors for SEO when it comes to keyword research in Jaaxy or using the WA Keyword Tool. It isn't overly complex, so don't overthink these by any means.

You are going to be looking at traffic, competition and whether or not the keyword actually makes grammatical sense.

  1. Keyword must get SOME traffic. Ideally you will choose a keyword that gets over monthly searches.
  2. Under 100 QSR (Competition). This is ideal for a newer website, but as you start to build out your site it is completely fine to target keywords that are under 200 QSR.
  3. The keyword must make sense. If the keyword phrase could not be used in a proper sentence, then chances are you shouldn't use it. It must be grammatically correct.

There is a quick search feature available to you right within the Jaaxy menu. You simply click on the menu and it will hope up the submenu, with the search available right within it.

You can see I have entered "affiliate marketing training" into the search (as shown below).

If it meets this criteria, then you are good to go and this keyword is a winner. Let's look at a sample search here in Jaaxy I did for "affiliate marketing training".

As you can see, one simple search has yielded many keywords that fit this criteria.

If you do a search and you don't see the full data, you simply need to click the "Get QSR" link and it will fetch the data for you. You will see that if that particular keyword has never been searched before.

You are going to be creating all of your posts moving forward based on the premise of keywords. Each page or post on your website will be targeting a brand new keyword and through time and as you build out your website, this can lead to an incredible amount of traffic and revenue.

Tasks 0/2 completed
2. Research & Find 5 Keywords Relating to Your Audience

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Apologies for my confusion here, I think my brain cells are not functioning properly.

I started the OEC training which talked about a niche and setting up a website related to your niche. I jumped to the Bootcamp (as I wasn't sure about my niche yet) and I've been through the training theory but not actually created the website yet as I wanted the full picture of where I was going with this first.

As far as Bootcamp is concerned, is the website I create there to promote WA and get signups, and if so then I assume all the reviews I create all relate to that field i.e. affiliate, internet marketing etc? Is the crux then just to put posts on there reviewing things?

Whereas is the OEC about adding information along with links to online stores, possibly even an online "store" in itself where nothing can be bought directly on the site (I've not been through all the OEC training so the answer to this may be in there).

Not sure if my question really makes sense!
Loutech Premium
My understanding is that the Bootcamp is to have WA as your niche. Kyle can answer that much better than I can. My approach would be to read what the community is saying about WA for fresh material to blog about. Now if you have chosen a different niche, then you would research that niche and blog about that. To your question about the crux. The idea is to be able to put fresh material about your chosen niche so that your visitors will would continue to come back to your website for good information. Your last paragraph is asking about selling on your site. That would be up to you. The WA training is teaching us about reviewing a product that we choose as our niche, and write fresh reviews through continued research. This where you have to do the work in order to keep getting paid. Remember, that if your website remains static, its like a pond with no water flowing through it, it will become stagnant. Your affiliate link to the product that you've chosen is how you get paid. Without the brand or product providing an affiliate link, then there is no point in promoting that product, because it would only amount to free advertising for that product. That would be a waste of your time and effort. Finally, I recommend that you continue to go through the training and if there is anything that you cannot grasp, then ask the community for help. For myself, I am repeating the training that I have already been through so that I can get a better grasp of it.
mikebeatty Premium
Hey James...
http://somup.com/cYQjD3XZeA I just made this video for someone else but it may also help you here! I actually mention something about this question towards the end, I thought it was them that asked it, but it was you James!

Hope it helps
coldddy8 Premium
Thanks for the lesson, This is one of my favorites because it reminds me of all the affiliate options I have!! IM READY!! I will put my full focus on this now and finally make it to the conference in 2021!! I want everyone looking at this training not to look at this goal as unattainable but look at it as something to reach for!! We can make it happen together! I would love everyone here to make it there so let's knock out the training and get the ball moving YEESS!
michaelw777 Premium
I am just going to say; you sound pumped. But, whatever your goals are; try just a little bit harder. I say this a lot. But, it is true. If you try harder. You may find that you get more results than you would have. No Offense meant. Trying to help.
TheAR Premium
Hi! I have just done Lesson 4 of the Affiliate Bootcamp training, and my website (I'm using the suggested free theme).
When I try to view my site, I can only do this by typing the url in "Incognito" mode (I'm using Google Chrome browser), not directly from WA.

Any ideas, please, how to resolve this so I can open in a normal browser?
CheungIsaac Premium
Hi! You should be able to log into your site via the Site Manager on Wealthy Affiliate. And if you still cannot log into your website, just submit a ticket to the Site Support and they will solve it in few minutes: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/support
TheAR Premium
Thank you. All sorted!
Really appreciate the help :-)
asarratori Premium
I am trying to decide on my Brand direction for WA and am stuck between Baby Boomers and Entrepreneur. My thoughts are to get to those who have lost there jobs this Year but also those who where forced to retire or are unable to find a new job due to there age, . Any input or Ideas would be much appreciated.
Miriammendo1 Premium
Im pretty sure you can do both if you doing boot camp if you are offering the same program, the program is for members to become entrepreneurs.
Best wishes,9
WBonesteel Premium
I'm having a problem telling someone about myself in relation to this program .You can do it because you have the background ,you've made money and a nice living doing this ,I have not .Being a vet,I would like to offer this program to veterans so that they can work at home and feel as though they are doing something worth while and aren't a burden on society or their families ,but I can't tell them how wonderful this program is and have them ask me questions about it when I don't know that much about myself..As a vet,I know they don't want to hear a lot of BS They like it fed to them straight.They don't to hear from me who hasn't ret seen any benefits from this program how great it is.It would seem at least with me ,there should be a different approach. If you know of one could you please help me out
Wondering exactly the same
coldddy8 Premium
How, far along are in the program? I would say complete the boot camp and the entrepreneur certification and you should make some money. You can then tell them yourself how good the program is. I'm an army vet so I can help you out with who you are trying to reach. Just do the training and see if it works out for you.