You have made some wonderful accomplishments in just your first 10 lessons of Bootcamp thus far! Kudos to you on your hard work. :)

You not only have set out on a journey to carve yourself out as an authority online, you have the underpinnings and structure set up for a long term and very successful business online.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform and community that you can believe in and your income from WA alone, could drive you to a FULL TIME INCOME and far beyond. That is our ultimate goal with the Bootcamp training and that is exactly what you are going to accomplish if you give yourself time to achieve success.

That leads me to "what success looks" like online. I want to give you some true perspective before I leave you today.

What a LONG TERM Business Looks Like Online

There is an old Chinese proverb, and one that has always remained very close to me in my journey online, as well as when helping others build successful businesses online.

"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back."

In other words, if you want to know what success looks like and what the journey is like, then ask someone who has been there. I have been at this full time since 2002 and I think that I can offer you an incredible amount of insight into what the journey to success will like look.

But it is not just me, you have an incredible community of help and literally 100,000's of folks that "know the road ahead". We are truly a pay it forward community, and one where we all have each others best interests at heart.

I want to offer you some powerful insight here INTO the journey before we wrap things up in Phase 1 of Bootcamp here. I want to break the journey down into typical timeframes, based on consistent effort and work for you. When can YOU expect to achieve certain goals and success?

Here is how your journey could look, a realistic journey.

MONTH 1: Accomplishments

  • Website Set Up
  • SEO Set-up
  • Initial Framework of Content
  • Indexed in Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • You have 5-10 posts on your website
  • Earning Potential: A few sales, just getting your business foundation started

MONTH 3: Accomplishments

  • Content Starting to Get Ranked
  • Experience Some Big Breakthroughs in Search
  • Have Made Your First Sale or Two
  • Traffic is Cumulatively Starting to Grow
  • Search Engines are starting to give your site "authority"
  • You have 30-60 posts on your website
  • Earning Potential: $0-$500 per month

**Note: It took me 3 months to make my first sale online. Here I am 15 years later full time online, if I quit in the first month I would have never gotten to experience of lifelong and very fruitful business online. There is something to be said about being patient and not expecting "instant" success in business.

MONTH 6: Accomplishments

  • Traffic is starting to flow, ideally 100 uniques per day
  • Sales start to increase with consistency, several per week
  • You are truly starting to gain some expertise and brand
  • Bing/Yahoo start indexing your site at a higher rate
  • Engagement on your site starts to increase
  • You have 60-100 posts on your site
  • Earning Potential: $500-$3,000 per month


  • Traffic is really starting ramp up. You can expect 500+ uniques per day
  • Google is granting your site with some serious authority
  • Companies and other blogger start to reach out and connect with you
  • Your are making WA sales and other affiliate sales daily
  • The Vegas Super Affiliate Conference is in your sites
  • You have 100-150 posts on your website
  • Earning Potential: $3,000-$10,000 per month


  • Your business is truly starting to thrive
  • You are definitely a noticeable force in the search engine world. Google ranks your new content with 24 hours of it being posted.
  • You are earning a full time income online
  • Vegas is yours, you have most definitely made it
  • You have 200-300 posts on your site
  • Earning Potential: $10,000-$20,000 per moth


  • Your are a brand/authority in the industry
  • You have a full time+ business online, likely 6 figures plus annually
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo love you
  • You are taking earnings and spending it to drive your business through paid channels
  • You likely have made several hires, including writers, design help, and a virtual assistant
  • You made Vegas in the first 1-2 months of the year (with your sites on the 3,000 sales)
  • You are in a position to double your business annually
  • Earning Potential: $10,000-$50,000 per month

But remember, you are building a business here. You get OUT of your business what you put INTO it. Ask any successful person what the fundamental reason why they are successful and others are not and they will usually say one of two things. Hard Work or Focus.

This is just the start of your brilliant journey into the online business world and through time, you are going to become an authority in this space. I feel it!

Benefits to Going Premium. They Are VAST.

If you have made it to this point, you already have the foundation of your business set-up and this is going to be instrumental to building out a long term and very successful business online.

There is A LOT left to learn and a lot of technology and tools that are really going to benefit you and your business moving forward and EVERYTHING you need to reach any level of success online is going to be included in the Premium membership.

It only takes a second to upgrade your membership and I promise you, if you like what you have seen up to this point, you are going to LOVE what is offered to you within Premium. There isn't a more comprehensive, technologically advanced platform in the Internet business industry than Wealthy Affiliate.

Not to mention that we are by FAR the most cost efficient, offering you a Premium membership for just over $1 per day if you go yearly (which is offered to you when you become a monthly member).

To move to Premium and unlock the next 6 Levels of Bootcamp, and get everything you need to operate your successful business (or MANY successful businesses), click the following link.

===> Click Here to Go Premium! <===

Ultimately you have do what makes sense to you. If you want to create a long term business online, the costs are very nominal to doing so. If you want stay on the Starter membership, that is up to you as well.

Double Down on Commissions.

The second that you go Premium, you are also going to get DOUBLE THE COMMISSIONS! Premium members get $23.50 recurring for monthly referrals and for yearly, you are going to get $235 recurring. A single sale, over time, can add up to several $1,000's and that is the beautiful part about recurring commissions.

As a Premium member you are also going to get affiliate credit for all domains that your referrals sale, as well as well a $1 credit for all referrals that end up setting their profile image/description up. These can add up and you can use them here for things like SiteDomains, SiteComments, SiteFeedback, or cash them out for real cash.

Next step, Phase 2 Training.

We are just getting rolling here. You have your website set-up, you have a solid base of content, and your knowledge and skillsets are progressing very quickly. This all happened within just ONE phase of the training, as you move through the subsequent phases of the training your are going to see your business truly take shape.

In the next Phase of training (Content, Keywords and Conversions: Phase 2), you are going to be learning the following topics:

By the time you are done Phase 2 training, you are going to be well versed in keyword research, building out high quality content, getting rankings in Google and other search engines (and for free) and how to build up a significant base of traffic on your website. Exciting stuff truly lies ahead!

When you are done taking a bit of a breather, you can move right into the next phase, ACCESS PHASE 2 HERE!

Tasks 0/2 completed
1. Reward yourself for your hard work thus far!
2. Continue on to Phase 2 of the Bootcamp

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Caruana Premium
Hi, I´m really keen to promote Wealthy Affiliate, as I believe in this training and the support here is awesome.

So I just decided to target the non-tech users who really need to follow a step by step method to put things together and build up their online business.

Looking forward to learn a lot in the Bootcamp training.

Good day. Marisa
Kyle Premium
Sure you could take that approach with your marketing and branding of your niche.
Marie-RoseD1 Premium
Hi WAmily, I want to try Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training and website, however, I had already created another website which is becoming a potpourri of sorts. ( It started with teaching English preparation but i switched because of work conflicts.
I sort of customized it to teach story writing by kids, BUT
with COVID19, social distancing is the norm, hence I'm stuck.
So my question is, do I just add WA affiliate on it as another extension OR start with a new website?
Thanks in advance for your insights.
nathaniell Premium
Each website you build should be about a single "niche", or topic. You should not be writing about multiple unrelated topics on your affiliate website.

How you define your niche is up to you though. Even within a niche, you'll have multiple subtopics. These subtopics need to be related though.

For example, you would not want to make an affiliate website which combines the topics of bicycle racing, meat smoking, and how to lose weight. There's no connection there. Even though those are all topics, which can make money, and it's possible that those are your three personal interests, it doesn't make sense to people (or Google) that these topics would all be on one website.

A good example of how to include multiple subtopics in a niche site could be:

Niche Topic: Home Grown Herb Gardening
Subtopics: How to grow herbs at home, DIY hydroponics systems, homemade natural medicine from herbs

Even though you're covering different topics, they are all related to the main topic of growing herbs at home.

Another example:

Niche Topic: Professional MMORPG Gaming
Subtopics: Best mouse/keyboards for professional gamers, best MMORPG games for making money online, MMORPG gaming tutorials

The reason you want to stay on topic is twofold: People and search engines

From the standpoint of a person, I don't want to read about how to change a baby's diaper when I'm looking up information on how to cure my orange tree from fungal infection.

For the standpoint of a search engine, to rank you high, they need to see you as an "authority" on a topic. If you write one article about gaming headphones and one article about scrapbooking, it looks like you know a little bit about many things instead of a lot about one thing.

I hope that helps! If you need any help narrowing down your idea for your affiliate website, just let me know!
Chucks1 Premium
hi nathaniell am reading your helpers comment and i find it truly amazing, clear structured explanation, thanks for taking your time and remain blessed keep the light shinning all the best
Marie-RoseD1 Premium
Thank you
CassiOfTroy Premium
Very clear and defined, as always.
Thank you, Nathaniell.
LyneP65 Premium
Thank you Nathaniel

It help me alot
Thihan Premium
My direction would be very simple.
I have been in food manufacturing/distributing/retail industry for more than 22 years. I have worked in many various fields and those knowledge can be very helpful for Myanmar where I am from originally.
I can help Myanmar people in food manufacturing/distributing/retail industry with my 22 years knowledge in USA.
sadrian2020 Premium
I am a contributor to a site helping teenagers from Romania to solve personal life problems. One of the major issue is the need of some jobs for adolescents. Many banks offer accounts and cards for adolescents. It is a way to register for taxes as independent a entrepreneur without owning a company. So my intention is to offer WA opportunity here my niche being as Helping teenager affiliate marketers.
JamesDuck Premium
I like that!
JohnWW Premium
Hi guys, my chosen niche is also to help affiliate marketers, but ones that have dabbled in the past and want to finally get it done. I think we've all been there, you hear how "easy" it is, put up a website...and nothing. So you get discouraged and other things, day jobs, relationships, etc get in the way. But you know you can do you start looking again. This is where I want to capture my audience.
My question is that too complicated? Should I just stick with helping affiliate marketers in general?
nathaniell Premium
Personally, I think it's great. Start out with that, then you can tweak it as you go.

Your audience is beginner/intermediate affiliate marketers with some experience, but who haven't made a full time income.

Speaking to this audience is a much different vibe than brand new newbies. Someone who's new won't know what WordPress is or what an affiliate program is. Someone with experience would know that stuff, but may not be able to write an effective review, or how to optimize landing pages after their first couple sales.

Sounds like a good audience to go for!
Ellen13 Premium
Some fail due to overwelm. Not here.