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In this video you’re going to learn how to verify your website with Bing using your Yoast SEO plugin.

I use Google. When I want to find something on the internet I use Google. Doesn’t everyone use Chrome for their browser and Google for their search engine?

Apparently not.

When I upgraded to Windows 10 and started using the built in search box they call Cortana I realized that when Windows searches the web it uses the Bing search engine.

So as more people upgrade to Windows 10 and beyond and buy new computers more and more people are going to be using Bing as their search engine.

So if you’re not verified with Bing you could be missing a lot of potential traffic.

And potential traffic means potential sales.

Kyle’s lessons cover creating your Bing Webmaster Tools account so here are some links for you:

Bing and Yahoo, They Are Still the 33%

Letting Bing Know About Your Site

How to Get Your Website Indexed and Ranked in Bing & Yahoo

So let’s assume that you’ve got the account setup squared away and now you’re ready to verify your website.

At the top of Bing’s dashboard you can Add a Site and once you’ve done that you can verify your site.

Click on “Verify now”

We’re going to use Option 2: Copy and paste a <meta> tab in your default webpage.

But your SEO plugin is going to do the heavy lifting.

The only bit of the code you actually need is the part between the quote marks. So double-click into the code example to highlight the text between the quotes.

Use Ctrl+C to copy. It’s Command + C on a Mac

Now go to your website and hover over Y SEO in your dashboard’s menu and click on Dashboard.

Select the Webmaster Tools tab and use Ctrl+V to paste the code you got from Bing Webmaster Tools. Click Save Changes and you’re done.

Here's the link for verifying Bing using All In One SEO plugin: Verify Bing With All In One SEO Plugin

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Thank Marion for this, but if I wish to know will you have both SEO plugin and Y.plugin
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All In One SEO instructions coming ASAP. I'll upload the video as quickly as I can.
Ok waiting
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Thank you Marion. I notice that Bing has inserted itself and collaborated with the Microsoft community a lot more.
MarionBlack Premium
Yes, I'm sure their "market" share will go up.
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Hello Marian, I so enjoy your training. You've helped me tremendously in my journey here. Thank you so much !
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I'm always happy to help Kevin.
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Hi Marion, another great training source. Irv.
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Thanks Irv.
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Many thanks for the information Marion :)
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You're welcome Tosh.