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***I used the word "plugin" in the video when I really meant to say "add-on" or browser add-on"

Summary of What's Said in the Video:

This video shows you another way to make sure you are not tracking your own activity when you visit your websites.

Nathaniel and Jay have previously done videos on how to implement this through Google Analytics by excluding your IP address. You can find their training here:

Those methods work great if you always have the same IP address. However, if you have a laptop and do a lot of traveling you would have to keep on adding each IP address that you use to access your website to the exclusion list.

With the browser add-on method all you have to do is install an add-on into your browser. The browser add-on prevents the Google Analytics tracking script from communicating with the Google Analytics server.

How To Find the Opt-Out Add-On

All you have to do is type in "google analytics opt out" in a search engine and it should be the first result that says You can also click here:

On this page there is a big blue button that says "Get Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on"

From there you are taken to the Chrome Webstore, and all youhave to do is click on the blue button at the top that says "Add to Chrome".

A pop up window will display asking you to confirm the new extension. Click Add to confirm the new extension.

Then you are done. Simple and easy.

The plugin Works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 through 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

Smartphones and Tablets

I don't think this method works with smartphones and tablets. Your best bet for these devices would be to use the ip exclusion method demonstrated by Nathaniell and Magistudios(Jay).

If you do use the IP exclusion method you might want to monitor the ip address on your phone to see if it changes depending on your location. If it does change you would have to exclude each IP address in Google Analytics.


Finally, some themes are designed in a way that they will not load the tracking script for the user who is logged into the Wordpress admin area. You would have to check to see if the theme you use does this for you.

Only Block Yourself

A few people have asked in the comments if there is a way to use this process to only block yourself from your website(s), but still allow google analytics to track your activity on other websites you visit.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to create multiple profiles within Chrome. Then just use one profile to work on your websites that has the Opt-Out Add-On and another profile for your daily internet browsing.

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ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Clever Guy ... thanks :)

ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Hi Chris, you are very welcome. :)
lauracb Premium
I just did that. Thanks. Laura
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
So, this is an extremely late reply, but you're welcome. Glad it helped you out. :)
Dgegegegwg Premium
That's it? There's no settings at all? So I guess that means it just blocks Analytics entirely from every site you visit.
Dgegegegwg Premium
BTW - Thanks! I'm completely mobile and don't have my own internet at home, so the other method won't really work for me.
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Yeah, as long as you clicked the add to chrome button and then confirmed the extension you are good to go.

If you want to double check, you can go to the settings part of your browser and then to the extensions section to confirm that it's active and not disabled.

I setup multiple users in chrome. I only have the add-on enabled for the user that I use to work on my websites. Then I use another user to browse the web. I only do this because I don't mind having my browsing activities recorded by other websites' analytics.

If you want to block it from every site you visit you don't have to do anything else.
Dgegegegwg Premium
Well that was easy! Now if they'd only figure it out for Android.
Foobard Premium Plus
Thanks, this answers a question I had, can you turn if off and on, and the problem with screwing up other people's stats. (Because I'm just such a nice guy!)

Setting up multiple users in chrome is a good Protip! You should maybe add that to the training.
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Thank you for the suggestion. I think I will add the multiple users in Chrome suggestion to the text part of the tutorial.
Went ahead and put this add-on to Chrome, even though I normally don't go very far and Nathaniell's and Jay's methods would work well for me.

I did one other important thing that you brought up is also done - syncing Chrome on this computer. It's one more safeguard for when computers decide to go to cyber hell like my desktop computer did today.

Thanks for this Resource!

ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yeah I definitely think Nathaniell's and Jay's methods are the best way to do it, but I think the add-on is a good back up.

nathaniell Premium
This question does get asked quite a bit. Thanks for creating this training Thomas.
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Hi Nathaniell you're welcome. I saw that you had linked to my comment talking about the opt-out add-on. I figured it would be easier to link to a video about it than a comment.