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This is a follow up to the email training video tutorial that Kyle Provided

You can actually use your current Gmail account to check domain email.

In this video you will see me add an email account and then add that account to my gmail account so I can send and receive email for the domain through my preferred Gmail browser. This basically allows me to use all of gmail's features for my domain email account.

The pop address for WA email accounts is webmail dot ( This address will be used in the video tutorial and you will see where to add it.

Please let me know if you use this feature on gmail and if you have any questions.

Update: 5-25-15

The send settings are slightly different than what they were back in 2013 when I did this video. You can find your info on the email page. notice in the outgoing, it is simply your domain and not your full email address. plus the hostname is different than your domain.


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Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks, nice job!
bothewebguy Premium
Thanks Shawn!
lauradews Premium
Thanks Bo, this is good to know, great info
okydoky Premium
Thanks Bo. That was a great and useful video and very easy to follow.
bothewebguy Premium
Thanks and glad to help!
Steve R Premium
Thank you.
coolcity Premium
Pretty cool feature indeed, I didn't know you could do that. Very useful, thank you.
bothewebguy Premium
Your Welcome!