If you've never used the Amazon SiteStripe you can check out this page (https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/stripe.html) to give you an overview of it. In simple terms it is basically a link generator to build Affiliate Links that lead to Amazon.com.

It is an absolute must have for anyone that is an Amazon Associate. If you're not using it today you should be.

The Amazon SiteStripe will appear at the top of your page as you surf Amazon and you can easily pull 4 different kinds of links/ads from it:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Text & Image
  • Custom Ads

This training will focus specifically on the Image option. Most of us use images in our content extensively and often we'd like to modify the size of those images to fit nicely in our content.

The SiteStripe enables you to easily choose 3 different default image sizes:

  • Small - 110 Pixels
  • Medium - 160 Pixels
  • Large - 250 Pixels

But often these aren't the size you might desire to use. So first let's show you use the SiteStripe to get the images and then how you can modify them.

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HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Craig, very useful.
MKearns Premium
A link generator is a great idea!
mybiz4u Premium
Thnx, Craig. I did not know that this sitestrip image counted also as an affiliate link...appreciate it.
craigrut Premium
Sure thing!
Triblu Premium
Great tips Craig... I never even gave image size a thought... so Thanks HEAPS for that tip!

Liked and tagged for sharing in the future.
Genelda Premium
Thanks for sharing! Useful.