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I am learning how to use screencast o matic and this video is the result of two takes I'm going to do more now that I broke my cherry. I Want to do a couple on advertising. That reminds me of a screen cast I watched about six mo ago and all that the so called Guru showed in the video was how to sign up for the account. Do you want me to blow the lid off of CPV and show you how to set up a URL targeted campaign in stead of the usual keyword campaign.

CPV ads are most often done with out having your own website you simply ad your affiliate link.

this video demonstrates how to add pictures and alt tags (keywords) and at the end I show you how to convert your pic to code and add the pic or banner to your sidebar.

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Bbeverly68 Premium
I'm just curious to why every time that I try to upload a picture for my about me page it keeps giving me a error message. does anybody have a solution to this problem, or has anybody had this problem as well.
hildacbg Premium
Thanks!!! Very useful information. More items for my to do list. blessings!
bodie1 Premium
thank you for this in depth video. im reallly using it.
crazymonk86 Premium
right on thanks Google ranks pictures to but don't us the same alt tag more them once for each pic us a different tag
regularguy Premium
Hi, thank you very much for the video as I never even thought to add alt tags to my images as didnt realize it made a difference for ranking.
crazymonk86 Premium
Yes Google does rank your pictures The thing you do that google like the more you move up the rankings like Authoring and sitemaps ext.
jberard051 Premium
Nice video and good timing because i was about to ask how I can put ads on the sidebar.
crazymonk86 Premium
Thanks I didn't show it in the video if you add affiliate link to the picture then use the code you in doing so have created a banner and it can be used anywhere that you can ad a banner of the same size