Understanding Your Traffic Using Webmaster Tools
Aired: March 1, 2013
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Webinar Description

It is very important to keep track of your positions & rankings within the SERPs for your website. It is also just as important to understand your (potential) visitors behaviour and why they are (or are not) clicking on your site.

If you can gather this imperative intel, then you definitely have the upper hand against your competitors.

Fortunately, Google has the ability to give you this information right within their Webmaster Tools and you will be given an opportunity to see how to access and understand this data.

Join us this Friday March 1st at 5pm Pacific where you will get a first hand look on how to access this amazing information.

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Learning About Your Search Queries
Is Your Traffic Qualified for Your Content?
Does Google Count Google+ As a Backlink?
Are Your Pages Talking to Each Other?
Why You Should Care About All This Stuff
This Week's Assignment
Live Q & A Session

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Jamie Smith rated this webinar 10/10
Webmaster Tools are an important detail in any successful marketing mix. Jay teaches an excellent WAbinar class on Understanding Your Traffic Using Webmaster Tools.