In the previous lesson we were able to sign up for our Twitter account.

After you've successfully signed up for Twitter, you'll be placed on your "Home" dashboard also. There's a lot of features here to cover so let's take a look at them and how we can use them.

Twitter Account Overview

The "Home" is the page you'll see every time you log in. This gives you a quick view of your account.


As I mentioned earlier it shows your profile on the top left which displays the number of tweets you've made and the number of people who you are following. If you have any followers, that will show up there as well. You can click on your profile image, name, handle, or tweets to go to your profile page.

I really recommend that you go to your profile page and click on the "Edit Profile" button. This allows you to fill in more details about yourself in the profile box as well as change your profile photo. If you have a website, you should add the link to your profile details. I recommend uploading a header photo as well to make your profile more attractive to users. Make sure it's relevant to your niche. You can also change your theme color here.


  • add a picture and header image - people are visual so they want to see something that is eye-catching but make it relevant to your account
  • give a brief bio of your account - people have short attention spans so they won't read it all if it's too long
  • add hashtags - you can add hashtags that are relevant to your profile as they are searchable in the Twitter search and your profile can come up in results
  • use keywords in bio - like I just mentioned, the bio can be searchable so use some relevant keywords so your profile will come up in results. Don't just start stuffing keywords though as that's unattractive
  • add your website link - a good way for people to learn more about you and you get website traffic


There's also a "Trends" box right underneath your profile info to show what's currently trending. By default, they are tailored just for you based on your location and who you follow. If you want to change that, you can click on the "Change" link beside the "Trends" heading and choose a different location. This is handy if for example you live in Canada, like me, but your target audience is in the United States. I can easily switch the trend location and see what's trending in different locations in the U.S.

In a later lesson I'll show you how to use these trends to your advantage to gain more exposure and get more followers.


Tweeting is of course the way to get your posts seen by other Twitter users so it's a very important thing to learn about. In the top middle of your screen there's a "What's happening?" box where you can type and send a tweet. You can either click that or the blue "Tweet" button on the top right of the page to post a tweet (More details on tweeting will be covered in a later lesson).

Just simply type a message up to 140 characters and click "Tweet" to post the message. This can be seen by any user who is either following you or who is doing a search on Twitter (Searching will be covered in a later lesson).

For a quick overview for tweets, you can:

  • type text
  • add URL links which will automatically get shortened by Twitter's own URL shortener
  • Add an image by clicking on the camera icon
  • Add one of Twitter's custom animated GIFs by clicking on the "GIF" icon
  • Create a Poll by clicking on the Poll icon
  • Turn locations on, which means Twitter will keep track of the location you're at when you tweet (by default it's OFF)

Twitter Feed

There should be a bunch of tweets posted underneath and those are tweets from the accounts you are following. This is called your timeline. If you haven't followed anyone then you probably won't see any tweets yet.

They are listed in chronological order with the earliest at the top and when you stay on the page and get new tweets to look at, there will be a notification message saying "View 2 new Tweets" or something similar to indicate that there are more for you to see. Click on it and it'll load the new tweets.

Most tweets come with an image or a link so if you click on it you'll be able to see a bigger picture of the image or go to the site that is linked. If you see a link that starts with a "@", that actually is a Twitter user and if you click that link you will be taken to that user's page.

If you find the tweet interesting and you have something to say, you can click on the left pointing arrow to type a reply message.

If you want to share the post and retweet it, click on the second set of arrows pointing around in a square. You will be given the option to add some of your own text or you can just retweet it as is.

If you "like" the post, you can click the heart icon to like it. It will show up under "Likes" in your profile.

If you click on the icon with the 3 horizontally aligned dots, it'll give you options to

  • Share via Direct Message - allows you to share the post via direct message
  • Copy link to Tweet - gives you the URL of the tweet so you can share via other methods like email or other social networks
  • Embed Tweet - allows you to get get HTML code that you can insert into your site to embed the tweet
  • Mute - Prevent any notifications from that account
  • Block - Block that account
  • Report - Report that account

Embed Tweet

To embed a tweet click the three dots under the tweet you like. Then select Embed Tweet.

You'll get a pop up box that contains the HTML code that you need to copy and paste in your Wordpress page. Copy the highlighted text by either right clicking and selecting "Copy" or pressing and holding CTRL and C on your keyboard.

Next, login to your Wordpress site and edit the Page/Post you want to add it in. Click on the "Text" tab on the top right of the editor to go into "Text Mode". This allows you to view your page's HTML code. Find the section you want to embed your tweet and paste it in. You can either first left click where you want to paste it, then right click and select "Paste" or you can first left click where you want to paste it and press and hold CTRL and V on your keyboard. Once the embed code is there, save your page. You can click on the "Visual" tab on the top right of your editor to go back to the visual editor mode.

Now if you view your saved page you'll see your embedded tweet! People can interact with it directly on the page by clicking the "Follow" button to follow you, clicking the left arrow at the bottom to reply to you, the square arrow to retweet you, or the heart to like you! Pretty cool huh?

Who To Follow

On the right side (it could also appear on the left bar or within your feed area depending on what page you are on) there's a "Who to follow" list which are accounts that Twitter suggests you to follow. You can quickly and easily follow them by clicking on the "Follow" button. Once you follow someone from the list, it'll automatically refresh and add more suggestions for you to follow.

If you want to find your own people to follow just click on the "Find friends" link at the bottom of the "Who to follow" box.


Beside the "Home" tab is the "Moments" tab. This is a collection of all the popular moments based on your interests.

You'll be able to quickly tweet about these moments by clicking on the image or title link which will show you the full details. It'll also list all the popular tweets related to the moment.


The tab next to Moments is "Notifications". This will list all of your notifications when someone interacts with you. It's a good way to see who interacts with you so you can interact back by saying thanks or replying them with a tweet.


Messages will display all your DM (Direct Messages) you get from users. These will not be seen by other users and are private. Note that these chats do not have the 140 character limit and is more like a personal user to user chat. People often use these to send personal welcome messages or "Thank you for following" messages or for private chats.

Search Twitter

On the top right of your screen there's a "Search Twitter" box that allows you to search Twitter just like how you would on a search engine. The results will show you all the tweets that match your search (I go over searching in more detail in a later lesson).

For a quick overview, by default you'll be on the "Top" tab which shows the top tweets related to your search. Beside that there is a "Live" tab that shows all the tweets in real time. The "Accounts" tab beside that displays all the Twitter accounts that match your search."Photos" obviously display matching photos and "Videos" displays matching videos. "More options" allow you to filter your results even further.

Profile and Settings

I'll be covering this in a later lesson so I'll just lightly touch it for now. If you click on your icon on the top right beside the "Search Twitter" bar you'll see a bunch of options. One of those is the "View Profile" which goes to your profile page and is what other users will see when they visit your profile.

There are other interesting things like Lists, Help, Keyboard shortcuts, Twitter Ads, Analytics, and Settings. Like I said, I'll be covering these later so that's all I'll say about them for now. At the end of the list is the "Log out" link that lets you log out.


So today you learned:

  • how to setup your profile
  • learn about the basic functionalities of Twitter and your "Home" dashboard

Hopefully you now know the basics of Twitter and are able to navigate the various pages.

Were you able to find everything? Kind of getting the hang of how Twitter works? Let me know.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

In the next lesson we'll learn about some Twitter lingo so you know what people are talking about as well as guidelines to prevent you from being banned.

Tasks 0/2 completed
1. Setup your profile
2. Learn basic functionalities of Twitter and your "Home" dashboard

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rachelannie Premium
I'm so grateful for this tutorial, I was really stressed about how to get it to look professional, and now it's set! I am worried that my stuff won't go viral, because I'm super fun but my personal stuff never goes viral, so how can I get my business stuff to? I would appreciate any and all advice! Thank you!
yakitori Premium
I'm glad you found this tutorial useful. There isn't really a set way to make your tweets go viral because it depends on a variety of factors like when you tweet, if you use trending hashtags, and of course you need a captivating headline with image or video. Doesn't hurt to ask to be retweeted once in awhile as well as stats show that something as simple as asking gets you more retweets.

Here's an article about getting your tweets to go viral
but I think I pretty much covered it in my Lesson 8: Building Your Network section. You can also search for trending tags and see if you can take advantage of them.
rachelannie Premium
awesome thank you so much!!!
peterma Premium
Hi Andy, I'm really enjoying this course, just starting lesson 8. Question...when I look for followers, do I want to follow competitors and get all of their links on my page...or should I follow other interests like famous quotes or a self help topic or something else? Thanks again for the training.
yakitori Premium
Yes, you'll want to follow competitors so you can monitor what they're up to. I talk about it a bit in the "Lists" course. Just because they're on your timeline doesn't mean you have to read all of them. Lists help organize and categorize accounts so it's easier to know what you're looking at. You should follow accounts related to your niche and accounts that are talking about your niche.

For example, my niche is earthquake preparedness so I do a Twitter search for "earthquake preparedness" and follow people who mention that. Since they already express some sort of interest since they tweeted about it, it increases the chance of them checking out your profile, visiting your website, or following you.
Hope that helps.
peterma Premium
Thank you, it's a whole new world for me...feel like mr magoo in cyber's getting clearer thanks again Andy. Have a super day.
yakitori Premium
Awesome! I know it's a lot to take in at once but I'm sure if you follow some of my techniques you'll get more followers.
laurenjean Premium
Oh my goodness... what a BRILLIANT training!! No wonder you couldn't wait to get started on training! You know your stuff & convey it superbly well. I love the lesson on Twitter Lingo. (Younger, hipper) people send me messages in Twitter-speak & I always have to ask for an interpretation or google it. Now I have a handy reference! Thank you!
I'll come back to this when I'm ready... it sounds very time consuming. I barely have enough time to add content to my sites. How many hours a day would you estimate you spend on twitter?
yakitori Premium
Actually I maybe spend an hour in the morning for Twitter.
I talked about some good online tools that really help automating things in Lesson 8: Building Your Network.
I recycle my tweets with TweetJukeBox so it gets spread around without me having to manually tweet them.
I use CrowdFire to manage my list by adding back people who have interacted with me as well as removing those who have unfollowed me to maintain a good follow-follower ratio. You can also schedule your tweets with CrowdFire.
I use TraffUp to help get my tweets retweeted.

So everything is pretty automated. What I do in the morning is just check on my notifications in Twitter to respond to anyone interacting with me an add them if I don't already follow them. Then I do a search on Twitter for things related to my niche and retweet some of the interesting ones. Every time I have a new blog post, I will tweet it then I will add it to the TweetJukeBox queue so it'll get recycled automatically. Maybe if you don't have many tweets to recycle you should just manually do it for now but as you get a big list this definitely helps. Especially since you don't have to sit in front of the computer to post the tweet because it's scheduled automatically.
Read Lesson 8: Building Your Network for more info.
Ultimateless Premium
I am stuck with finding that Trends box..I wonder if we have a different set up in Australia...can't imagine why. Where my profile picture on the left I don't see a trends box or in the photo top right, there dropdown box doesn't have it either. Am I missing something Yakitori?
Jim-Bo Premium
I've also noticed differences based upon regional and time (meaning twitter or other stuff online revamps themselves) so a tutorial made about xyz might look and feel completely different depending on when and where you're watching it.

example when tey rolled out the video call feature in facebook about 5 years ago, they rolled it out regionally and gradually (to test it before just rolling it out world wide all at once.) it could be a similar thing!

here's an idea, try going through a proxy so your twitter account thinks you're in North america and therefore gives you the north american version?

use HOLA chrome extension for that....u can also watch tv from different countries with that...hulu, netflix, bbciplayer, anyone? lol

neat little extension that is! works a treat too!
yakitori Premium
Yeah that is strange that you don't see it. Maybe the account is too new so it takes a few more follows before it can show relevant trends.
Here are some other resources where you can find Twitter trends for Australia:
Ultimateless Premium
Thanks Yakitori. Just found out your name is Andi but I really like Yakitori, it sounds so commanding...respectful! :)
yakitori Premium
haha it's actually Andy. Yakitori is actually a type of Japanese food, kind of like grilled pieces of chicken on a stick. It's very delicious and is one of my favorite foods.
Ultimateless Premium
Just shows you the other person spelt your name incorrectly and I should have known better...:)
yakitori Premium
Haha yeah I saw that too. No worries =)
TomasB Premium
Same here,I couldn't find the Trends box as I went through the lesson logged on to my Twitter account.I live in Southern California.Really a minor issue though,Andy did a great job with this training.
yakitori Premium
Oh that's really weird. Is your account brand new or did you have it for awhile already?
Ultimateless Premium
I have had mine for years...
Grandma1945 Premium
I enjoyed your training and found it very very thorough and useful. I have been on Twitter for a long time but never advertise with it. I primarily use Facebook for that. I tried to order once using WA banners and such. The ads were rejected by Twitter. The only thing missing from your tutorial was how to get around using WA without get it getting rejected. I know Pinterest will also reject if you use an actual WA link. I don't know why the ads were rejected as I wasn't really given complete information from Twitter. Just curious. Comments would be helpful.
Ultimateless Premium
The links aren't rejected..I use them on twitter with a picture of my own choosing..
Jim-Bo Premium
might be better to link to your site? that way round you are getting valuable visitors to your site and your site filters many of the tire kickers.
yakitori Premium
I agree. That might be the best way to get around it.
Jim-Bo Premium
I posted your tutorial (a link to it) on my blog today to get you some more reach!
yakitori Premium
Wow thank! REALLY appreciate it!
Jim-Bo Premium
you deserve it matey, you did a good thorough job...
yakitori Premium
Thanks! Means a lot to me as it's my first tutorial