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1) You'll get an email from Wealthy Affiliate asking you to click a link, and agree to allow WA to be your new registrar. The email and form are pictured below:

2) Total transfer time took less than a day.

3) In the video I did not include the ";" symbol as part of the transfer code. This was a mistake. Symbols and punctuation are part of the code and need to be included!

4) From a comment here, it sounds like if you try to transfer TOO close to the renewal date that your request to transfer can be denied. Make sure to give yourself enough time before the renewal date!

For Godaddy:

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Clark86 Premium
Hey Nathaniell, are there any benefits from doing this?
NFoti Premium
I think the main advantage is to have all your domains in WA for easy tracking and it is just more efficient to have everything in one place. I have a few domains with GoDaddy, but I accomplish this by pointing my domains to WA by changing the DNS to and Kyle has a training blog on this
learn2bgreat Premium
Thanks Nathaniell! I just transferred my domain from Namecheap and followed your instructions exactly!
brightspark Premium
Does the pricing for domain renewal remain the same as it was in Namecheap or is there an increase in WA?
ruthrobinson Premium
WA. Has their own pricing and after b7ying from different plac3s over the years, i consider it 5o be the best because so much is included. Cheaper isn't always inexpensive.
MasterEd Premium
Thanks Nate,
I am going to get a new domain (new URL) at WA and transfer current Namecheap website to that new WA domain. What is the easiest path to do this?

Megastar Premium
Thank you Nathaniell. My Namecheap domain is up for renewal. Decided to transfer the domain registrar to WA was directed to your video which is very self explanatory. Will implement asap as i have a month for the expiry.
ckofbear Premium
Thank you so much. You make it much eaiser for me.
Ibhar Premium
hi nathaniell, once my domain is transfered should I do something else? or WA already have all what it needs to keep working normally? ... thanks!
Marith Premium
Hi Nathaniell, got notice from Namecheap today that my renewal was up next month, so was lucky to see this training, did as you said, took less than a minute, and are now waiting for the message that all went well. So easy, thank you very much for sharing
Loes Premium
Hi Nathaniell, I did this transfer 2 months ago with a domain name, and I stumbled on some things I didn't see, here are my findings of the troubles I encountered, others could benefit from it, and so are you, when you get unexpected questions
nathaniell Premium
Thanks for the tip Loes!
Triblu Premium
Thank YOU Nathaniell,

I shall keep your instructions and once my domains come up for renewal, I'll transfer to WA like you showed in your video.

Thanks again,
peter65 Premium
Thanks, ypu made it prety easy.
GinaGo Premium
Hi Nathaniell, It is good to hear from you. Thank you. ~Gina
Ivine Premium
Hi Nathaniell, great training. Irv.
Dreamer56 Premium
Thanks, Nathanielle!
johnwnewman Premium
Cool Nathaniell, bookmarked for when I transfer mine over :-)
renelynm Premium
Can you please do tutorials for Go daddy domain transfer here in WA also Nathaniel. I want to transfer my domain and I need the guide like this as you do, easy to follow and understand. Thank you.
JewelCarol Premium
Great! Very detailed training, thank you Nathaniel. :)
mrbill6771 Premium
I tried to make the switch. My renewal date was three days away and Namecheap denied my request. I'm not sure why. I went ahead and renewed through Namecheap. I'll try again another time.
nathaniell Premium
I'll add this info to the tutorial.
Judy-B Premium
My site is good in Name Cheap till May 2017. Should I go ahead and transfer it here anyway? Wasn't clear on that. Thanks for the training, Nathaniell. I thought I'd already taken care of this, but guess not. :)
Thanks so much Nathaniell, learning so much in a few days here!
SuzQ Premium
Thanks for another great training!