Tracking Social Metrics in Analytics
1 hour Live Video Training
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MAY 2013
Presented by magistudios
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We all know that social media plays a huge role in traffic and rankings.

But what about tracking social metrics?
Are you monitoring your social media efforts?

Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday May 31st at 5PM Pacific where he will guide you how to set up and track your social media within Google Analytics.
Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Social Reports Overview
How to measure the impact of social media
Setting up Social Conversions
Learn which social sources refer engaged visitors
Learn what your visitors are sharing
Live Q & A Session
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justinohia rated this Webinar 9/10
you are a real computer engineer congratulations for the courage
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Nicolasganea rated this Webinar 10/10
Badass! I've been posting stuff on social but had no idea that I was getting clicks in.... I was thinking the other day, why my clicks are lower than usually it was because I haven't been posting on reddit and my main social clicks is reddit.
Jay breaks it down how to find what people are doing and where they are coming from on your social. This is a must know! so I suggest you watch this video! You have to know what your clients are thinking, as WA pounds in your head KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! this is it!
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