The Basics to Advanced Market Research
1 hour Live Video Training
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MAY 2013
Presented by magistudios
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So you've selected a niche and have some knowledge on it..
But where do you get additional info on the niche and/or supported product?

Having knowledge and understanding your market is a very important asset to have for consistent conversions as it can help customers make sound decisions about their online purchases.
Thus making your profit go up!

Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday, May 3rd where he will show you some awesome information about professional grade market research.
Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Understanding your market
5 ultimate research sources revealed
How to determine if a niche is profitable
Using Jaaxy to sniff out sectors and profits
Your Niche Research Assignment
Live Q & A Session
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Nicolasganea rated this Webinar 10/10
Jay teaches you how to understand his audience and how it all ties together, his example was lemonade and shows from google trends when is the busy season by using common sense.
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