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The SiteFeedback platform here at Wealthy Affiliate is part of the Premium offering and allows anyone to get constructive and targeted feedback on their website, pages, and/or posts that they create.

This is a pay it forward system, where you earn credits for offering feedback to others then you can use those credits to "request feedback" from the community. When you have "fresh" eyes on your website, it can help you drastically improve your website and improve your skills for making your website more readable, better designed, and much more user friendly.

In this tutorial I will walk you through:

  • Benefits of using the SiteFeedback System
  • How to Access Your SiteFeedback
  • Understanding Your SiteFeedback Notifications
  • Proper Practices for Offering Feedback to others
  • How to Request Comments on Your Website
  • Managing your Feedback Discussions

If you have any questions relating to the SiteFeedback platform, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Trujunco Premium
Help me understand: In giving feedback and accumulating credits I am not obligated to ask for feedback on my website until such time as I request it, right? This would be important to me because I know that though helpful I would not consider my site ready for review and might feel pressure to have push that process. Awkward..!
That said, I would like to use this feature because it is an opportunity for me to learn about site construction in a visual way...themes and they flow in the user experience
ArianaM2 Premium
Yes, you just collect credits until you decide to use them to get feedback. That way you can decide how many people you want giving feedback on each page when you decide.
DynamicDavid Premium
You are not obligated to ask for feedback until you formally request it in site feedback.

It is all part of the learning and doing experience. Do what you consider good, and have the site ready for site feedback. Bear in mind that other people may see other things that you would not consider, so having that feedback in an 'early stage' can direct what direction you go in.
Kittitian Premium
I don't feel my site is ready for feedback yet either, but I requested anyway as I really think some form of feedback helps at any stage. I simply requested the feedback on my content, not on design.
edwardk12 Premium
I finally reached a point in the training that I have been trying to resolve on my own.
My site is so jumbled(incohrent) that I am not sure the person giving feed-back would know
where to start. I know where I'm going. Where I am now is a mystery. I think I will backtrack at
this point and try to fix a few things and then come back and request that feedback. Seem like
I am in the same boat as ELaNere1, who joined the discussion 2 days ago. All of the above was meant to be a positive comment on this lesson. Most beneficial.
There: I have earned my 2 points. I'll make my request shortly
AlexanderSk1 Premium
How do I give feedbacks? Where? I wants to help if I'm qualified, if not, no worries. I just wants to know how well my site would get visitors and see if I'm getting any click through on my link, and see if commissions would comes through. If not, then I'll delete everything and not bother any more. All I wants to know is, am I getting commissions or not? That's all I built this damned site for.
TCUK Premium
From the blue button (left menu) click on
SiteRubix -> SIte Feedback

Commissions? If you refer to WA commissions, click on the menu (left menu)
$ WA Affiliate Program and you will get to a page where you can click on different types of stats for your affiliate work
AlexanderSk1 Premium
Not WA commissions. My LocTote Affiliate commissions. I been promoting LocTote Flak Sacks, it was good earning bucks, but lately, since three-four months back, no commissions, don't understand why. Owner tried to fix it, nothing. My link works, test shows I got email telling me I got sale, money came through, works fine. But nothing for months. Can't figure out why, unless people are deliberately deleting my link once they get to Loctote site, cutting me out of my commissions. I think that's what they did. It means I wasted all this time working for nothing. It makes me angry, thinking about this.

I'm sick of this too. All work no pay, ready to throw it in.

This WA site was my last chance to see if my website would promotes and actually get sales through my Locote affiliate links, without facebook blocking my links on my pages.

I dont' know how long the my website is actually up, but I sees I got 34 clicks through my goo/gl shortener link, surely there must have some sales? No emails letting me know I got conversions, commissions, nothing. I'm tired of trying to figure out why nothing works.

I'll wait one more week, end of this week, if nothing comes through, then I'm deleitng everything and just going back to my painting and ebooks. More and more I feel like I don't care any more.

I unplublished my facebook pages, not promoting there any more. Just here. I'm tired of marketing for nothing.
AlexanderSk1 Premium
What's this "WA AFfiliate Program? Okay, I'll have a look at that.
TCUK Premium
that is to promote Wealthy Affiliate membership
edwardk12 Premium
Patience, my good man !!
ELaNere1 Premium
About not receiving commissions.....I will say this but I'm not sure what I'm saying is accurate.

It seems like I read that there is a way that hackers (or someone) can intercept your commissions and take the commissions for themselves. I don't quite remember how it can happen, but maybe that's what has happened to your commissions.

Does anyone know if that is possible?
Misprov31 Premium
This is an amazing feature here to be able to share and receive feedback! The 2 for 1 credit is awesome as well! Very clever and community orient driven! We need each other to succeed! I have a tendency to do everything on my own and am just wired that way so this will be great for me to stop and ask for opinions aka help! Kinda blown away by this setup!
JMcQueen1 Premium
Hi Everyone! I love the idea of giving and getting feedback as I start to build my site! However, do you recommend we finish the training before we post our website? I just published my first article but my website has not been updated with visuals or really personalized in any way yet because I have not gotten to that part of the training yet. I am curious if I should wait to post until I get a little further along or ask for feedback on my article now before adding the visuals?
Jae28 Premium
In my case, I waited till I had more content and products before I requested feedback and the reason was that I wanted to gain more knowledge to give a better feedback to other members and also, I would get feedback on more than just one thing on my site.