Calling all Digital Warriors:

Are you tired of working your butt off and not seeing any money from your effort? I know I am.

One of the key differences between people who make money with online marketing and those who dabble for awhile and quit is their understanding of niche marketing. The internet marketing money makers who have preceded you understand the depth of what internet millionaire Steve Olcher teaches:

“The riches are in the niches.” –Steve Olcher, Internet Training Guru

Let me make this real simple.Besides having a website as a platform to promote the products and services you offer, you need three things to make money online:

    1.A specifically targeted, starving crowd of people (The Right Audience)

    2.A good understanding of what your audience needs(Understand Their Urgent Pain or Burning Desire)

    3.A top solution to the problem/need they have(The Money-Making Solution)

Prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate I built three websites.When I say “I built” what I mean is I hired a web designer to build my sites. The sites were beautiful to look at but I didn’t make a dime.

Truthfully, coming from a middle class back ground with a hopeful belief in “work hard and you’ll make money” that was a hard fact for me to face. My first fleeting thought was, “I guess this internet stuff doesn’t work.”

Thank the Good Lord that was a fleeting thought. You see, I’m somewhat of a serial entrepreneur.I’ve been self-employed for more than twenty years.

Like any entrepreneur, I learned to tweak my business model, roll my sleeves up and hunker down to learn what I need to know and do in order to hit my money success goals. If you are not making money in your online or off-line business, common sense says you need to figure out why and fix it.

And you wouldn’t be the first entrepreneur to start in one direction and make a shift in pursuit of ultimate success.Henry J. Heinz did that.He started out manufacturing horseradish and failed forward into his niche of “Heinz 57 Sauce” and several varieties of ketchup.Once he hit on the right formula, he went on to make a fortune.

Your fortune begins by identifying a profitable niche. Some would argue that every niche is profitable but I disagree.A profitable niche for you is one in which you have a passionate interest and can build enough expertise in to stand out among competitors.

So yes, selling pony tail clips and sparkling shoelaces to pre-teen girls can be a huge seller but it’s not a good niche for someone with no day-to-day knowledge of teeny boppers and no desire to work the business of marketing to them.

Notice I said, “can build enough expertise”. That means you need some knowledge of your subject area but you do not have to start off by being an expert. Expertise leads to authority and your authority will be built over time as you continue to research and create valuable content for your website.

In this training module you will learn:

    1.What is a niche?

    2.Four ways to identify a niche

    3.The top 3 questions you need to answer before determining your niche

    4.Identifying big market categories and breaking them into niches

    5.Breaking niches into profitable sub-niches

    6.Finding the pain in your starving audience

    7.The Importance of Keyword Research in determining your niche

    8.The Five Minute Niche Profitability Test

Let’s get started!

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CLandi Premium
Hi Rebecca
I came to your site after I read Ive Tried That's training on hot topics and gives you credit with helping him do his research.

I read all 14 pages of your training. You have helped me in many areas regarding my niche.

I decided to follow you because of this. I know I will need your help sometime in the future, and I think it would be better if I followed you.

I my name is avi

I know that in order to succeed at the affiliate we need a number of tools. I want to happen to see a site
That you can create the best landing pages on the web, all in copy and paste. The service is free for 7 days. If someone from here is interested I will provide him with the information
I just joined and am in Social Selling/Ambassador for
India Hicks; its a MLM and been in business 3 years and is
doing great. I bought a sample kit for $700 and my first launch Get Together it’s called is feb10th. They provide you with lots on training, a web site and make your invitations. People can but on
line or at the Get Togethers, the idea it to get other people to be Ambassadors to sell the products, then you move up the more you produce. The products are good quality and some are expensive, but lots of people are buying them because of the brand India Hicks, she is building her brand st a fast pace.
In 6 months my friend became a director she gets lots of perks and has made quite a bit of money. Your thoughts ?
LouisaB Premium
Katherine, I see you are in MLM. I was in that area a few years back, and didn't do as well as I should have. Then, I attended many trainings and conferences, travel, parties and seminars.

I did this because at that time there were nothing else big then not even computers. Reaching the top of the ladder was imaginable and unreachable.

AS long as you are loving what you do, and the money is rolling, then that is good. I hope that this business fair off very well, as where a lot of the just fade on out, and then another one start-up.

Of course, there are some that was exceling, and are still gong strong, so you just don't know.

Best to your online success here at WA.


RhondaSnyder Premium
Thank you Rebecca for sharing your wealth of knowledge to help the new WA members, but I'm certain that many of the seasoned WA members have found this extremely helpful. Thought I was ready to go forward, but now feel that I must first implement some of your teachings. You're a blessing to me. Wishing you much success - keep the training articles coming.
realpurdy1 Premium
Hi Rebecca,
I've enjoyed reading this article, very helpful thank you! I'm doing keyword research on Natural remedies for join pain and have found some low competition keywords. I also looked up keywords for Natural remedies for back pain too. Join pain and back pain are sort of similar as a lot of times the pain is emanating from the skeletal tissue (the joints). So I'm wondering do you think it would be smarter to choose one or the other vs choosing both as my key niche? As I understand it better to stay narrow in the beginning and then I can broaden out in time?

Thank you so much,
Shawna :)
osprey Premium
Nice writing, rebecca's. Inspiring, with gobs of good pointers for those of us who are just beginning to put it together and for those of us who already have some pieces of the puzzle in place. I will be applying these lessons tomorrow.
I have four months to show an income stream to the bank to keep my house off the courthouse auction steps. Here goes..
MatthewBowns Premium
Good luck, Osprey. Keep that house!
osprey Premium
Thanks MatthewBrowns.. working on it...
Great article. I have learn a lot from reading your post. I did do some research on my niche and found that some of the big retailers are selling more services then others. My question is, would a low grav from clickbank be good since it could be an indication that the market is not as saturated with other affiliate marketers? Any advice would be gladly appreciated.
nelsonrosa77 Premium
Hello, Johny. Welcome to WA and I wish you all the best over here at WA. I think the best thing that you can do is to take a product which has a gravity between 30 and 100. About 50 is the best.
Garyfreeman Premium
Rebecca - This is extremely helpful information, however, I have a question. On - how to you gauge audience participation? For example - I found a course the deals with my niche and I see that there were 59 ratings which equaled 4.8 stars out of 5. Is this where you would look to see if your niche passed this portion of the profitability test? If not, where?
Labman Premium
Yes, that is where to look.
Garyfreeman Premium
Thanks, Labman!
AishaLabefo Premium
Hi Rebeccas... I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to not only put together a well detailed and inspiring content but having so much love in your heart to share it with all of us.

It's like you were sent to me to personally answer all my questions and wipe away my fears.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found this article... thanks to Steve: IveTriedThat... who included the link in one of his blogs.

Knowledge is power... We all have to be passionate enough to educate ourselves, step out and utilise the information we have acquired along the way.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much Rebeccas... Thank you... may all your heart desires be fulfilled.
HoraceT Premium
Hi Rebeccas,

There are people online asking ridiculous prices for courses that are so inferior to what you have provided to us here, just for the prices of being a premium member of WA. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is so well written and easy to understand. You are "The Bomb!"
Cindy624 Premium
Amazing training!! This is such a well written, comprehensive, step-by-step course that will be beneficial to everyone who is still struggling to find their niche.
Thank you so very much for helping us!

This is one of the most valuable training I've encountered here.

Your expertise is astounding!

Thank you again!
gkarakey Premium

You could literally box up this training and fetch a pretty penny for it. My goodness, the value is incredible.

Have you ever thought of creating a Udemy or Skillshare course? Even a free one that would build your online resume?

Any interest in doing a joint venture? Don't know what that would look like, but if you have an interest send me a PM. If not, no worries.

Thanks again for the training.
SalmaM Premium
Thank you Rebecca for sharing your wisdom around selecting niche, it certainly has got me thinking while I construct my site and write my content, I agree knowing your audience is crucial. However I am struggling with sub niches, which I'm sure is covered in the coming pages. I'll be in touch.
efelgarresta Premium
This is really strong article with very applicable information. Do you think this would be applicable (with a twist) for physical products, not just courses or digital information? Assuming yes, would the Big Retailers change a bit based on the product? For example, Google, Amazon (not kindle), eBay, Walmart, etc. Feels like that would be an appropriate framework to apply, but let me know.

MilaClardy Premium
Thank you Rebecca for this very extensive and informative lessons. I've acquired some knowledge and ideas as I go along. I'm determined to do more research on my niche and apply all of your teachings. I might have some questions later but as of now I'd like to say thank you.... Mila
Very good. A lot of new, usable information for me. Great step-by-step instructions.

Rebecca, I would love to see your websites so I could study them. Could you give a list so I could check them out?

Also, is there a list somewhere on WA of active websites run by WA members that us newbies could study?
JoAna1946 Premium
Thank you Rebecca! This was an excellent course on identifying your niche and how to market it. When I started this training I had no idea what my niche could be. After going through it I have all kinds of ideas to pursue. Thank you very much for your insight!
stevenwck Premium
Thank you for a very informative article. One question I have... Is it possible to be too late to the game? I am guessing niches can be popular today but slowly dwindle in popularity and if we spent a lot of time building our website but it comes out too late, will we have missed the opportunity?
Hi Rebecca,

I was thinking of sharing my life experiences.. for example, how do i manage with unemployment, sister's marriage, life after graduation.. basically telling people out there that it is okay to go through it, i have gone through it, this is what i did.. i wonder where does this category fall under?

Could it be self help? unemployment?

Would be great to get opinions from you and anyone who can relate to my train of thoughts!

mriver62 Premium
Hi Munira,

I have something of the same idea but i have no idea of how it can be profitable as a niche. I am a realtor and aspiring christian speaker to women's groups. I speak to women from my own experiences, abuse, death, infidelity, divorce and how they can get from heartbreak to where God wants them. In the real estate market I have been an expert on getting people home loans even when it seemed impossible. I have just started my ministry
and I am in the process of getting speaking engagements set up. If i can find an answer for my niche I will pass the informatoin on to you, please do the same for me.

Wishing you great success in your online business.

God Bless, Judith
Telecaster89 Premium
Hi Rebecca,

You really have opened my eyes to finding a profitable niche. I have toyed with a couple of different niches but I couldn't decide on one that I thought would either be profitable or me having enough knowledge to make my site authoritative in order to drive traffic and potential customers to a website.

I am going to read your training again possibly a few more times and take notes.

The training here at WA is beyond words how good it is but they ask you to pick a niche in the beginning of the training and create a website based on that niche but they do not go into detail like your training here and I think it confuses members on what is the best niche to pick just as i have experienced but I think after reading your training it will give me a better understanding of what to decide on for a good profitable long lasting niche.

Thank you Again,

ALengearman Premium
Thank you rebeccas:

This was very well done, while being thoughtfully laid out for the student reader. I was really intrigued and impressed by the level of sophistication and expertise, which was evident in your presentation.

The material also contains an exceptionally high level of focus, on the relevant subject matter, while going into lengthy detail about the specifics involved (how it works).

Yet as I've seen before with Wealthy Affiliate Lesson plans it was pleasantly straight forward and was rather easy to comprehend due mostly to its clarity.

Finally, I enjoyed following along with your step by step concepts through how to actually profit online, because they really did illustrate quite well to me, where the money is.

Again, thank you so much for sharing this, because it was truly an awesome learning experience for me!
Ok,Rebecca,Thank you for your tutorial. But finding a niche is so complicated that I have to go through many person's tutorial to grasp it, because I find myself lost in the ocean of niches. I must learn to swim in various ways to reach it. I learned from you that I have to 1..find the right audience 2..To understand their problems give them some solutions. I am trying to find the right audience, but I am failing. Any more help from someone , please.
JennyMiller Premium
What life experience do you have? perhaps it would help to try and find something that you're able to relate to personally.
Redundancy, retirement, marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren. - Why did you start with Wealthy Afflilate? - Helpful if you decide the to follow Bootcamp.
What are your hobbies, interests. Sports ( any).
Why do you do the things you do?
Where to get your pets next Halloween outfit?
What problem do you want to help people with and provide them with solutions for?
I hope that is a little helpful. J
elecamp Premium
Interesting niche training. I know now what I will do!
It seems I've been living this niche for the last 30 years.
Now I know something about it to write about i!
I think in everyone out there that there is some inner thought will eventually rise to the surface of your mind and you can use it!
I hope to have my site up soon and will show you what I mean!
ReginaO Premium
This is an award winning training that you delivered. I will be going over it again before building my website and finding my niche. I signed up yesterday, coming in with zero experience about all these. Thank you for not holding back at all. You poured out everything you know from your heart. I will be following you.
AmberA Premium
Thanks for the great training-this is really helping me!
One question though...I am on lesson 12 and I don't understand the purpose of checking Google, Clickbank, Skillshare etc? I can understand using these sites for the example givin-How to pass the bar exam, but what if you are selling a physical product-like specialty clothing?
upsgirl Premium
Any affiliate program will work. You don't have to select the mentioned.