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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts with a proper website architecture and set-up.

In this training video I am going to be explaining the importance of SEO and walking you through the initial set-up process of All in One SEO, a plugin that will help you manage your meta tags, the tags that Google looks at when indexing your content into their search results.

The following are some of the things that will be covered:

  • The Importance of SEO
  • How Google Indexes Content
  • Setting Up the All in One SEO Title & Description
  • How to Edit and Save Your AIO SEO Settings
  • How to See Your Meta Tags Within Your Source Code

If you have any questions about setting your website up initially for SEO or the set-up of All in One SEO, let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to help you out.

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JordonH Premium
So I've set up my SEO, seems straight forward to me. Hope everyone understand it so far. Just do what is said in the video, what I did is as the video is playing I follow along setting it up. If I have to pause or go back, I do so.
I find this way helpful as well, Jordon!
JudyE2 Premium
Iam not hearing you right or my brain isn't understanding (Delet- Dummy 's )from the site you showed me ! I am not sure iif (wordpress) is where you were,,confused,need more input,!!I wasn"t on my website ,with you on it too,,,step by babystep,,lolo ,911 HELP!!!Please. Waitting to be advised!!! Tk you. (Jazzyj,). Judy E.
BriBar Premium
If you still need help or others that may be stuck here: This video shows your Wordpress Admin Dashboard - where you control all of your websites Settings and Add Posts that will be displayed on your website. You have to adjust the Settings on your own Wordpress Admin Dashboard which is accessible from your WA Dashboard towards the bottom-left click on "Websites" then towards the right, click the "Log in" button for your website.
JVedrene1 Premium
I watched the video and I did the steps (or at least I thought I did). Whenever I try to type specific keywords into google I don't see my homepage linked to my site on any of the first 3 pages.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?
Kyle Premium Plus
Your website will not get indexed or ranked right away. This happens with time and as you build out your content, usually to get your website indexed it happens within the first 7-14 days of building your website.
JVedrene1 Premium
Oh okay cool thanks for the reply and advice Kyle. What should be done if 14 days pass and your site still don't get ranked?
PatsonCool Premium
Nice video Kyle. I wish you could explain to me more how to check for the meta description. I'm using google chrome to navigate the web with a Windows 10 system on my laptop. Thanks once more for the video. It's incredible all that I learn every day here at WA.
mindset1 Premium
great job on the seo explanation it really helped clear up some things for me.
I do have 1 question? when you creat your home page do you save it as a page or a post. thus home "page". from that it makes me think page.
thanks look forward to great success.
Kyle Premium Plus
You would save it as a "page" if you were creating a Home page (ie, your theme didn't have one) as you don't want this to go to your blog roll.