Hi Everyone,

I hope this tutorial helps those who have found it a real challenge like I have to get rich pins meta data for Pinterest into their site's backend. It can be so difficult but it doesn't have to be!

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DeborahY Premium
Thank you for sharing this. I kept trying to validate for rich pins using my home page URL. Rich pins are important for Pinterest business and do not know why this small bit of info was not included in the training here at WA.
Phil-58 Premium
Great post and thanks for sharing this post
I am saving this for later
I will apply over the next w/e, when I am off for a few days
cheers PB
IJordaan Premium
I've followed the exact steps to enable rich pins but with the validator I get an error "We were unable to retrieve any data from your URL", any ideas?
IJordaan Premium
Ahh just after asking I kept clicking "Validate" and the message changed to something like "The Pinterest server is having trouble", then I clicked it again (a few times) and it finally went through and got validated yay!
MKearns Premium
Very helpful post Diane. You can't do enough to enhance the rich power of visualization that Pinterest offers!
DesEvans Premium
This was a helpful tutorial. I have a Pinterest account, but I will remember this tutorial when I get further into my posting on my site and use this feature. Thanks for the tutorial!