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Sometimes - you have just got it redirect. What I mean is for a post, page or even you may want to redirect a visitor to another URL. Why would you do that? Here are few reasons.

  • Webpages that no longer active
  • A Webpage needs immediate repairs/updates
  • You built a brand-new website and don't want to miss visitors coming the previous URL.
  • Squeeze pages – within a Website you have a menu item that when they click on it goes to another Website entirely.

This video is an update to my 2017 training on the same topic. While the 2017 is overall still good to know – the plugin has changed.

Look forward to your comments, questions and suggestions for additional training.


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RYAJeremy Premium
Hi Steve, brilliant work, it has worked nicely.
I set up a site for email subscription but all of a sudden discovered that the email autoresponder is not working. So in an emergency I quickly redirected my links straight to WA, now I can fix the email provider later. Thanks.

Jeremy :-)
hsgoad Premium
Glad to have been of's to you having a successful week.
bestleads Premium
I have been looking for a redirecting feature here in WA, but apparently, WA doesn't have a redirecting feature for the part of an url that goes after the extension of the domain. I don't know how that is called.

WA has a redirect by using a subdomain, but subdomains are treated as a another domain by search engines. I don't want that.



I have found tutorials that train on installing a plugin for this kind of redirects. Like this tutorial.

Guess I will have to follow the instructions here so that I can redirect links without creating a subdomain.

Thank you.


Luis Antonio
hsgoad Premium
Let me know how it works out.....