To make this tutorial easy to follow, it is based on research that I performed to
put together a "Bum Marketing" campaign using Squidoo.

The overall concept can be used for any type campaign, PPC or SEO.

# 1 - Collect Past Data:

Of course when you're first starting out, you have no past data. That is why
you must research actual results that other marketers have experienced.

There are marketers that freely offer reports on their marketing efforts. These
reports will have: expenses, profits, and other detailed information.

The results that you uncover will not only help you set your expectations, but
they will also help you to avoid mistakes that were made by others.

To start my Squidoo marketing campaign I simply went to Google
and searched "Squidoo Income Reports" and it brought up a few pages
where marketers were reporting their income with Squidoo.

I also went to Squidoo and searched until I found more pages of income
reports from Squidoo marketers.

This information was a goldmine and allowed me to analyze what others were
making with this marketing vehicle.

#2 - Calculate The Average

After collecting this valuable information I was able to compile the information
that was important to me.

The piece of information that I wanted to know most was, what did the average
Squidoo page profit per month.

I took four seperate income reports that I dug up and worked an average. I did
this based on the amount of profit the marketer claimed to make divided by how many
pages this marketer said they had. ((Profit / Pages = PPP (Profit Per Page))

My result based on my data and calculations was that every Squidoo page
averaged approximately $7 per month in profit.

Remember that this is JUST an estimation. There are lots of variables that can
effect this number. Such as:

experience level - if you're a beginner you will go through a learning curve and your
pages may not be as profitable in the beginning.

conversion rates - every product has there own rate of conversion. Your page could
perform better or worse based on the products that you put on your page.

Many, many more... every web page has the ability to improve.

But overall I realised that the Squidoo pages that other marketers put together brought
in an average of $7.00 per month. Some may have brought in $50 and others none but
the average was $7.

I could now take this realistic number and align it with my own goals.

#3 - Shoot For The Sky

Now since I had a base number I could accurately predict my outcome for my efforts.

If I wanted to earn $500 per month, I could logically project that Iwould need to have
atleast 71 Squidoo pages up and running. ($500 / 7 (PPP)= 71)

And if I wanted to quit my job and make $5000 per month I would need a whopping
714 Squidoo pages to do it.

#4 - Conclusion

Always begin with the end in mind. The figures that you come with will always be just
speculation, but it gives you something to work with.

We have all got swepted away with making THOUSANDS of dollars in a month or week
without really thinking of how to realistically do it.

If you're a beginner and you are still dreaming that IM will bring cash flooding in droves with
very little work, then now you have some idea on how to set realistic expectations.

Set your goals and work every day to achieve them. Make Success!

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