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Keyword research is essential not just for search engines, but for Pinterest too!

Here are 5 ways that you can do keyword research for Pinterest:

1. Using the alphabet soup method on Pinterest

2. Using the guideded search on Pinterest

3. Through Pinterest ads - great for Pinterest search volume!

4. Using

5. Making use of keyword tools for search engines

Keep in mind that while long tail keywords are fantastic for your website Pinterest users mostly use 1 - 3 words for their search terms so it is best to focus on fat head head keywords for Pinterest.

I will come back soon and add some videos on how to optimize your Pinterest account for SEO, how to SEO your Pinterest boards, how to SEO your pins and how to use hashtags for Pinterest.

if you have any questions let me know in the comments!.

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Great training. Thanks a lot Lynne.
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Great training Lynne. Thank you:)
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Excellent training as usual Lynne, Thank YOU!
Have "Like'd" and tagged for future referencing.
LynneHuy Premium
So happy to hear that! I will very soon show you how to use those keywords effectively.
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Hi Lynne, thanks for the tips! Great post 👋🏻
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Great advice as always.
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