You have likely heard the term "keyword research". This is the act of finding keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche and deciding whether or not it is appropriate to build content around that particular keyword.

Keywords are going to be the “root” of all your SEO success.


A keyword is simply a word or phrase that people search for in the search engines. Every time you do a google search you are entering a "keyword" into the search box.

For example, here is an example search I did in Google.

This is a keyword. I searched for something that I was looking for and Google is going to provide me with the most relevant results (see below).

When I click on one of these results, I am taken to a website that has been "ranked" in Google. If I purchase something from that page or click an ad, that website owner will make money as a result.

With your SEO and your keyword research efforts, your goal is going to be to building a list of relevant keywords to your niche, and then working to rank them in Google just like this.

There are literally MILLIONS of keywords in every niche, leading to incredible potential. And by being a member at Wealthy Affiliate and what you are going to learn here about proper "ranking techniques", you are going to have the competitive edge over your competition.

In this lesson you are going to be tasked to come up with a few "keywords" relevant to your website and your niche.

Each Post You Create Will Be Targeting a Keyword...

Moving forward, you are going to be building content on your website. Each page of content that you create will target a brand new keyword (and we will be showing you how).

This means that every page/post will have the opportunity to rank under that given keyword in Google and lead to you getting traffic.

100 posts = 100 target keywords = 100+ potential Google rankings.

This can and will lead to mass amounts of traffic and those that follow along with this training are going to see their traffic continue to go up with every "keyword targeted" page or post that they create on their website.

Remember, Google and other search engines exist because of CONTENT and if you can deliver quality content (that targets low competition keywords), you will be able to get great rankings!

I have created a video walk-through of this lesson called "Keyword Mastery - Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success"and I suggest you watch on keyword mastery. It is going to increase your comfort level with keywords by 100 fold!


Task 1: Perform 5 different searches using

Your next task is going to be performing 5 searches relevant to your niche using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

There is a quick search feature available to you right within the Jaaxy menu. You simply click on the menu and it will pop up the submenu, with the search available right within it.

You can see I have entered "increase vertical jump" into the search (as shown below).

My suggestion is to start broad with a few of your searches (ie. two or three word searches). For example if your niche was "basketball skills & drills", you might want to start with the search terms:

  • basketball drills
  • basketball skills
  • increase vertical jump
  • dribbling drills
  • etc

After performing the search, you will simply want to click the "magnifying glass" icon or press enter on your keyboard.

Here are how the search results look for the "increase vertical jump" search.

As you can see there are several columns of "keyword data". These are all very important when it comes to choosing keywords that are going to be useful to you.

  • Keyword. This is the search phrase that the data to the right of it is representing.
  • Avg. This is the overall monthly traffic this search term gets, globally.
  • Traffic. This is the estimated amount of traffic you will get if you rank on the first page of Google under this term.
  • QSR. Known as Quoted Search Results, this is the exact number of results in Google that you are competing with under this search phrase. In other words, this is how much competition you have.
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

If you do a search and you don't see the full data, you simply need to click the "Get QSR" link and it will fetch the data for you. You will see that if that particular keyword has never been searched before.

Next, I want to discuss how to "choose" appropriate keywords for your content. This is critical in terms of getting ranked in Google and being the most efficient with your time. Don't worry though, it isn't all that complex. :)

The Rules of a Quality Keyword

There are a few rules that you need to follow

Rule #1: More than 30 monthly searches. You want your far left "Avg" column to ideally be greater than 30. Sometimes it is OK to go with a search volume less than this, but over 30 searches per month is ideal.

Rule #2: Less than 100 QSR (Competition). You want to keep your competition below 100 pages in Google, the lower the better though obviously. You will likely come across many terms with less than 100 QSR when doing your research, and that is even better!

As you progress with your website, under 200 is perfectly fine as you will be gaining more authority and better ranks in search engines.

Rule #3: Keyword must make sense. This is critically important. If the keyword doesn't make grammatical sense, don't use it. Do another search on the keyword that makes sense as that will likely give you different data and that is the data you want to measure.

An example of this is "best tips lose belly fat" which doesn't make grammatical sense (it is missing the "to"). I would do another search on this but this time "best tips to lose belly fat".

Do this exact process within your niche to come up with 5 Keywords. If you have any questions about the keyword research proces, please leave them in the comments below. :)

Important Note: As a Premium member here you not only get access UNLIMITED keyword searches using Jaaxy, you get many more features that are available within Jaaxy. These include more SiteRank scans, faster results, domain search affiliate program search and much more. Jaaxy Lite is 100% Included when you upgrade to Premium.

Go Premium and Get Jaaxy Lite (& Unlimited Searches)!

Tasks 0/3 completed
2. Perform at Least 5 Searches Using Jaaxy (do as many as you want though)
3. Find 5 Keywords that meet the keyword criteria (related to niche, 30 avg searches, less than 100 competition)

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Danidowling Premium
Hey WA fam! Need some help please. So my niche is within art and interior design inspiration. I have some great content ideas, and I understand how to use keywords. So this I think is very important in having a successful website. However I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas to monetize my website? Obviously through affiliate links but I can’t exactly narrow down who my audience is or what they need? This is super crucial and I would really appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks!!!
merlynmac Premium
I guess I'd need to know a bit more about the content ideas you have to see what you're writing to.

Perhaps one of your articles could be about designer lighting for example. Then you can write your article on lighting in general and link to detailed reviews of some artistic lighting solutions that would then contain the affiliate links to those items, etc.
ecstephens Premium
One article I wrote for my gardening website was to plant a garden with a theme. My theme was salsa, so I wrote about what you'd want to plant if your end goal was to make salsa during the summer. You could do something similar, give ideas for rooms with a theme and link to some products you love within that theme from Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target etc. Once you start writing content for your site and doing different research I think you will be able to come up with some other great ideas to monetize within your niche.
mikebeatty Premium
Great advice here already Dani. Definitely get writing about the things you think will help and ideas will often spring up on the way. Obviously you want to have some sort of goal as to how to monetise, but the first step is to start getting traffic. You do that by putting great content out there that helps real people.

Be sure to search for those low hanging fruit without too much competition (there will be loads in this niche). Get really specific about certain problems within art and interior design
mgsurfer Premium
For the Privacy Policy, is it OK to remove the "Access to your Personal Information" section if you don't have a Name and Email address to enter for the Data Protection Officer?
Or is this some sort of legal text that is needed on all websites?

At this point, I don't have an email address that I want to use for this yet, and would rather get this published and then add it later. But not sure if there is some legal mandate for including this?

DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - yes, this is required. There has to be a way that a visitor can get in touch with the owner of a website. Why not create a new Gmail address, just for this purpose? You can always change it later.
mgsurfer Premium
Ok. I guess I’ll have to create the gmail address sooner rather than later.

What happens if someone does email about removing their personal data? How does one go about removing that information?
KathyK2 Premium
Ok. Wealthy affiliates, I'm in the process of choosing my niche. I came up with "In Pursuit of My Best Life". I chose this because I as well as others are in pursuit.

I think I will be able to break this down into other niches, examples
Health & Wellness
Setting Goals etc

Let me know what you think! Suggestions please and Thank you
psalisbury1 Premium
It is pretty general, you may want to break it up into two niches or websites, IMO Phil
Excellent choice...
Will48 Premium
I've been stuck on "choose a website" theme for days now. I had some great advice last night, but as I'm not technical and do not know all of the plugins/widgets/capabilities that the different developers are showing, I cannot choose a theme. @Carson and @Kyle, the training needs to cover what these things are before I am able to "choose". For instance, what is a widget, or a threaded comment? Do I need translation? The details for the themes reference many, many other programs/plugins etc that I have no idea about. (What is a plug-in?)
Do I need to go through all of the training and then go back to the beginning to choose my theme?
The training is lacking because it needs to go through the basics and definitions of a website before telling me to choose. (Anal-retentive 0ver-planner with OCD) :)

What I need for my website:

-Blog with the ability for affiliate links (obviously)
-Ability to sell e-books (Do I need e-commerce to sell books I write?)
-Discussion board capable, for the users on the site and obviously comments to my blogs. (I'm sure this is standard)

Thank you in advance,
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - as a beginner, it is best to choose a simple theme to start with, as will make it easier for you to follow along with the training. Remember, nobody will see your site for quite a while, so how it looks at this stage should not be a major concern.

Once you have mastered the basics, and need to make it more personalised to your purposes, you can change themes at any time.
FlPenguinEnt Premium
you are not alone, am having issues also. i have just started also i am not comfortable with advising you. do not want to give you bad info. hang in there. do the training and rewatch the videos. i was stuck a couple of days ago and this help me
Will48 Premium
Thank you Charles. Great luck to you as well!
Will48 Premium
Thank you Diane. They say yo can change themes but for a non-technical person this scares me and seems daunting... So I (naturally) want it to be right the first time. But thank you. I'm trying to get over myself and move forward... LOL
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - don't worry, it's very easy, and as a premium member, you have access to over 7000 themes!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I sent you a PM, my friend. I hope you find some useful help there! :) Keep me posted, please! We'll figure this out!!!

mgsurfer Premium
i understand the Premium memberships provides access to a million of images. What happens if you use those images in your posts, and then at some point stop using the Premium Service. Do I lose the ability to have those photos on my website if I stop using the Premium membership?
steeph Premium
There are some websites that let you use their free pictures whoever you want. Is one of them.
boomergp08 Premium
No. Once the images are on your website they are there for however long you own the website no matter if you are a WA premium member or not.
Jacquie8 Premium
From what I can see, these images are all free stock images, and you could have found them yourself going through other websites.

So basically, anyone on the internet can use these images, it is just very handy that they are there for you to use without having to open another tab in your browser and go to the different sources to find them.

Best wishes,

mgsurfer Premium
Great, that's what I was hoping.
mgsurfer Premium
Thanks Steeph. I bookmarked that site for future use, in case the right image isn't available through WA.