We are now getting into the FUN stuff! Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO!

You have your website in place and now you want to make it SEO ready so that search engines can find it. Our goal is to get ranked in the BIG 3 engines, Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Do note that our focus is going to be primarily on Google though as they own over 70% of all search traffic, and over 95% of mobile searches.

But why do you want rankings in the search engines? Simple...

Website Rankings = Targeted Traffic = Revenue!

The rankings are the first step in creating an online revenue stream.

Today we are going to walk you through the set-up of a Wordpress plugin that is going to do a lot of the "dirty work" for you and will take care of the optimization of all your website pages/posts, meta tags, and other aspects that search engines look for when ranking your site.

I have created a "Setting Your Website Up for Search Engines" video walk-through of this training and please follow along as it will add a lot of clarity to how SEO works, but also how to install the All in One SEO plugin.


Task 1: Set-up All in One SEO on your site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect of any website's success.

In this task we are going to be setting up a plugin that makes our website code (the stuff behind the scenes of our website) friendly for search engines like Google so they can index and rank our sites properly. This is going to be very powerful for your website content getting ranked in search engines going forward, so DO NOT skip this task.

Since you activated the All in One SEO within the last lesson, you should see the "All in One SEO" item with your main menu now in your Wordpress back office. If you mouse over that menu icon, a sub menu will pop out (see below).

Simply click the "General Settings" link. This is where you will be going to set-up your SEO settings for your website.

The main section you are going to be updating here is the Home Page Settings section. There are two sections that you will be updating there:

  • Home Title - This is the title of your website that will show up when you get ranked in Google and other search engines. This won't actually show up on your site.

    You want this to reflect the actual title of your website that you created with your site, but also add something to make it a bit more captivating.

    Ideal Length: 40-60 characters, keep under 60
  • Home Description - This is a description of what your website is about and how it will benefit people. Don't overthink this part, you just want to be descriptive as to what your site is.

    Ideal Length: Under 160 characters

Although there are a TON of other settings, you are not going to need to update any of these at the moment, not for SEO purposes.

When you are done updating your Home Page Settings, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the "Update Options" button (as shown below).

Upon doing this, you are done. Your website is set-up and SEO READY! :)

A few important points things to take note of here about All in One SEO:

  • You DO NOT need to "Upgrade to Pro". The free version is more than adequate for your needs.
  • You won't see these changes to your actual site. The work is done behind the scenes within your websites HTML code. It is making your code friendly for search engines.

Awesome, your website is all set-up for SEO now! As you build out your new pages/posts, they will automatically be optimized for Google and other search engines. If you have any questions about the set-up process, leave them in the comments below and we will give you a hand.

In the next lesson we are going to be discussing KEYWORDS, the root of all of your rankings, traffic and success online.

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2. Set-up your All in One SEO Settings

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PCohen1 Premium
Good morning WA world.
Hope you are all safe and well.
Early morning conundrums!
My site is .com I am registered as an Amazon associate at Amazon.com but I am from the UK and I live in Spain, Hopefully driving traffic to my site from those 2 countries also.
Do I need to set up Amazon stores in Spain and UK and then link them? or just stay on Amazon.com
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you need to join the respective Amazon programs for each country you are interested in. You can then make use of Amazon's own tool called OneLink. This will detect where your customer is from and send them to their correct Amazon site. If you don't join these other programs, then you will only get a commission from a customer who purchases through Amazon .com.

However, Amazon has a target of 3 sales in 180 days. This has to be achieved with each country you join. This is difficult to achieve until you are getting a lot of traffic.
PCohen1 Premium
Thanks Diane.
I knew I could rely on you for the answer!!
Take care.
TTutzinger91 Premium
I have a few questions regarding creating a site without being a Premier. Would it be possible to change the name of the website due to naming preferences? We only have access to one template without the Premium and if I had the Premium can the template be changed?

megawinner Premium
Hi! You have siterubix. You can create a domain name, for example, jumpsuit.sterubixcom if you want to sell jumpsuits. If you become a Premium member, you would have opportunities to have more siterubix . You might also want to buy one domain for yourself (that is without siterubix). You can name each one of them anything you fancy. And you cannot change their names, all of them once they are registered. Cheers! 😎👍🏆🥉🥈💲

Jewelia Premium
Hi Thomas,

The domain name cannot be changed. The title of a website can be modified at any time. Don't confuse the two. I'm not sure which one you called "the name of the website" in your question.

As a free member, if you changed your mind later about the domain name you chose, you can delete this website (assuming there is no content yet) and build another one with the new domain name.
When you become a Premium member and decide to buy your own domain name, should you change your mind later, you'd have to buy a new domain name (about $14/year).

You'd be able to change your site's theme once you become a Premium... I do recommend to back up your website before you change the theme.

~ Juia
WFlood3 Premium
I can’t even lie, I feel like I should be so much further along than I am but I’m trying to take my time settling on my niche and I’m still trying to get the hang of setting up my menus, posts, categories, etc etc etc😵😂 Lol it’s ok, though, I’ll get the hang of it and my niche, I’m just trying to narrow it down to a sub niche. I’m thinking mindset coaching🤔
DaveBuckley Premium
Hi William. Do you have any experience of mindsetting?
SirWilbert Premium
The only thing that matters is NOW my friend. Small consistent steps at a time and enjoying the journey. Just like practicing free throw shots. Soon you can shoot them with your eyes close.
DaveBuckley Premium
Hi Wilbert. I could not agree more.
JoanneSantos Premium
Hey WFlood3,
I thought I was the only one taking my time :)

I started a few months again, read the lessons more than once, to make sure I was doing everything right.

Stop for a few weesk, because I just Partnered up in my brother's roofing company, so that took up most of my time.

I am now ready to get back on building my site.

(Your not alone) :)

Good luck to you.

Dlopez24299 Premium
Keep on trucking man ! You got this! I’m right there with you, but keep at it and 1 year from now you’ll be thanking yourself.
JoanneSantos Premium
Thank you.

I'm not giving up.

I'm laughing to myself. My brother said to me the other day, the money your going to make in the Roofing business, you won't have time for WA,
I said watch me hahahaha.

On Love,

psalisbury1 Premium
Welcome William,, actually after you master those things it gets much easier.

Hello Joanne! Glad to hear you’re continuing to strive toward your goals and not allowing your brother, or any one for that matter, get in your way :)) Good Luck.
WFlood3 Premium
@Joanne Oh man, I'm actually glad those that responded did. That's what I love about this group, the support is unbelievable. Yea, I've been almost driving myself nuts over the past few days trying to get as much done as soon as I possibly can and got stuck on the niche, as I always seem to. I think I'm narrowing down towards it, though.

For you, I say stick with it. No matter how long it takes, in the end, its what you want to do so as @Dlopez24299 said, keep at it. No matter how long it takes, as long as you stick with it and actually absorb as much knowledge as you can, you're going to thrive. no matter how long it takes
kenos Premium
Iam going through the training lessons and on level 1, lesson 5 of 10 (setting up your website). Iam practising along the training. However I cannot get into the Word Press Management Area or Website Back office. I keep getting a notification of "ACCESS DENIED" whenever I click LOG NOW . Please can anyone help.
DValentine Premium
Hey Keno
Your best option would be to contact Site Support. See the column on the left, right at the bottom 'Help Center' - click on that then on Site Support - they'll be able to help you out and they are very quick to respond
kenos Premium
ok. Thanks alot
kenos Premium
Iam going through the training lessons and on level 1, lesson 5 of 10 (setting up your website). Iam practising along the training. However I cannot get into the Word Press Management Area or Website Back office. I keep getting a notification of "ACCESS DENIED" whenever I click LOG NOW . Please can anyone help.