How to become a certified commenter?

  • Place 50 comments
  • Start earning

How much do you earn with a comment?

Paid comments after you are certified

  • 1st comment = 1 credit
  • 2nd comment = 0.50 cents
  • 3rd comment = 1 credit
  • 4th comment = 0.50 cents

and so on.

Can you ever lose your certification?

Yes you can lose your certification

The certification is over a period of 30 days. Eg. you place on day 1 about 20 comments, day 2 again 20 and day 3 you place 10, that's 50 comments.

  • Day 31 = minus 20
  • Day 32 = minus 20
  • Day 33 = minus 10

I saw my comment counts go back from 98/50 to 90/50 just now, and when your counter goes down the 50/50 you need to become a little more active to keep your certification.

It goes down by the hour, during writing this training it went from 90 - 89 - 88

So, be aware of the fact, that when you has placed on one day 35 comments, those will be deducted exactly a month later!

Another interesting thing

How do you get paid for comments

  • Go to your credit dashboard

  • Shift the slider to the right
  • Click on exchange for cash
  • The amount will be added to your next paycheck

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Recent messages
newmarketpro Premium
Thanks for simplify the explanation how this works Loes.
Am I correct to say that to keep 'Certified', you need to be above 50/50? I haven't got the time to check site-comment V2 yet.
Appreciate your sharing.

Loes Premium
Yes, I believe so, the 50/50 keeps you certified
Nick-at-WA Premium
Thanks for this nice training, Loes.
Loes Premium
You're welcome Nick:)
lynnsam61 Premium
This is good to know. I'm assuming you either can request a comment for two you've provided or get paid. Not both though. Please correct me if this is wrong. Thanks!

Loes Premium
No, you get paid $1 for every 4 comments, and can keep the credits to ask for comments, but the credits do disappear when you are not using them and skip a few days, the credits from the 1st day, are disappearing on the 31st day

I hope I don't explain this in Greek ;)
lynnsam61 Premium
Thanks for the clarification Loes.
directJ Premium
hmm pretty interesting, what's the value in being a certified commenter?
Loes Premium
You get paid
directJ Premium
Paid to comment really now! Need to look into this more.
AnisChity Premium
every two comments will give you $0.50 which is not bad.
varleysheen Premium
It doesn't work! Every time I go to offer comments there are no sites that are wanting comments.

I assume it's because there is money involved. Makes it tough to get comments for your own site now people are rinsing it for money
Loes Premium
Yes, that's a great problem, I check every hour and am able to place about 4-5 a day
SirDantes Premium
I think it because it requires credit to request for comment and not many people have credits. Also, you can set your preference on sites you want to comment on and so when there is a match to your preferences, you get notified.

Better yet, just leave your preference to default.