So, one of the major problems that many members struggle with, is finding a niche, and its not unusual to see somebody overthinking it for days on end. However, there is a five step formula to help you see if a niche is worth pursuing. Lets break it down.

The first thing to remember is that you will be expected to write a lot of content on your chosen niche, potentially hundreds of in-depth posts. Therefore, it makes sense that it should be a subject you are genuinely interested in and have some knowledge of, or at the very least, would enjoy researching. What would your friends and family say that you can talk about endlessly? Have you ever given advice on a subject?

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ijeomaeze Premium
Thank you very much Diane. You nailed it for me. Your simplistic way of explaining niche helped me truly to understand this concept that has been so illusive until now. Every newbie in this platform like me should read this post. I have bookmarked it and it is going to be my reference. I wish I have read this before choosing my niche and writing my posts. Anyway, I will make ammends. Thanks a million times.
DianeScorpio Premium
You're welcome. I wrote it for newbies to try and simplify the process.
FrankB-1 Premium
Hi Diane,

Great guidance on choosing a niche! You have really outlined the ideal formula for success in affiliate marketing.

I resisted the temptation to narrow down my niche in healthcare. Not the smartest approach if you’re looking to make money by narrowing down the competition, as you pointed out.

I tend to get bored quickly with things that are repetitive so writing about a narrow topic again and again would not really work for me.

I’m lucky enough to already have a good income so my plan is to just write medical content that I think will help people and hopefully make a little money in the process. I think that patience and effort will pay off, eventually.

Thanks for the excellent training!
DianeScorpio Premium
Thank you for studying my training, much appreciated.
DianeScorpio Premium
Thank you for those suggestions, very helpful.
davebateman Premium
Thanks Diane, a very logical approach
DianeScorpio Premium
Thank you, I am pleased you found it easy to follow.
Thanks for this additional insight. In my still over thinking brain I'm now looking at your framework, which is very good, and I'm trying to apply it to a site that was mentioned on WA as an example of a niche that has been very successful, Football Snack Helmets.

When I goto this particular website its not really a site based on a bunch of content, its more of a simple site with very little info that then refers the user to Amazon to purchase the snack helmets.

Obviously there are a probably a million different ways to drive traffic, create content, and link to affiliate products but this snack helmet example is the bare minimum and there is only so much you can say about this topic, its not likely you would blog daily on this topic, although I suppose you could, but people would wonder about you :)

Getting back to my over thinking brain and using this example is where I get stuck. Do I want to find a way to drive traffic on a simple niche product or service that takes the least amount of effort with greatest gain or do I want to build a meaningful website with content that really educates and helps people in a given category? I guess this is what I'm struggling with.

When I put on my efficiency hat, I want to do the least amount of work for the best, and quickest return. Somehow, this method seems to me to be too good to be true and also easy for others to copy.

Alternatively, if I create a super content rich site this will take weeks/months/years and require a larger investment of time and energy and I'm still uncertain of the ROI with this method.

Ultimately, I need to make the decision that is right for me based on my interests and goals and I need to remind myself that this is not a life or death type of decision, but for some reason, my over thinking brain is taking it pretty seriously!
Lex666 Premium
To get really good rankings on google, a content rich approach is highly recommended. If you go with the easy route, google probably won’t rank you.