So, one of the major problems that many members struggle with, is finding a niche, and its not unusual to see somebody overthinking it for days on end. However, there is a five step formula to help you see if a niche is worth pursuing. Lets break it down.

The first thing to remember is that you will be expected to write a lot of content on your chosen niche, potentially hundreds of in-depth posts. Therefore, it makes sense that it should be a subject you are genuinely interested in and have some knowledge of, or at the very least, would enjoy researching. What would your friends and family say that you can talk about endlessly? Have you ever given advice on a subject?

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01Jason Premium Plus
Thanks for this write-up. It will come in handy down the road when I don't need to focus on my current project.

My current one is extremely broad as you mentioned many of us newer folks make the mistake of doing. I didn't see a way around it as for my system I share on buying/selling demands one utilize several different methods in buying and liquidating in order to maximize many profits that would be left on the table ignoring them.

I knew however it will take me a little longer than normal to get momentum going this route, as there is no way I can rank right now for the pages I've been building due to the competition.

I'm maybe a week or two away from actual blogging though and my plan is for those posts to act as a funnel to my site using the low fruit keywords and expose them to my system once they get there.

Definitely will be using this system on future projects that don't involve my system or myself as the brand.

I especially love your idea of using Amazon as an idea muse for articles even if not using them for affiliate sales.


kppowell Premium Plus
Based on your advice, here's my thought. Overall, I would like to help people (specifically women ... as I am a woman) begin and follow a basic exercise practice, for physical and mental health and as a starting point on a journey to an infinite number of cool things one can do athletically.

But this is big. Especially for a first foray into affiliate marketing. So I thought I would break it down and pick a first niche (and perhaps subsequent niches) based on the components that add up to this.

So, for instance, it helps to know what to wear. I can suggest basic gym/workout apparel. (And I am interested in this and have experience.) But "workout clothes" still seems big ... I mean shoes alone.

So, I thought I'd start by tackling individual workout clothing items and gear ... ultimately adding up to a whole outfit ... ultimately adding up to a whole go to the gym/workout for beginners (or re-beginners) how to.

All that said, my two ideas for first niches are:

(1) Workout socks (and believe me I am pretty passionate about this ...socks are everything)
(2) Athletic eyewear ... including prescription glasses

(I'll pick one.)

How do either or both of these sound as ideas?
kppowell Premium Plus
This is far and away the most helpful advice for choosing a niche I have encountered thus far. I really appreciate the way you linked (1) area of interest with (2) audience/customer who is seeking information within your area of interest with (3) products. It was especially helpful that you provided a step-by-step process for narrowing the "big idea" down AND connected niche selection to domain selection.

So good. So helpful. Thank you!
MichaelVines Premium
I have a big passion about fishing and knives my big brother has one of the most biggest passions about knives I want to build a website that anyone can go to to order or contact a seller or a builder of knives can anyone help me get that started
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - yes, that could be a niche subject. But remember, you are not setting up a shop; you will need to write lots of useful blog posts about knives, as that is how you will attract visitors.

So, if you are talking about chef's knives, you could write about which are the three basic knives you need, how do you keep your knife in good condition, how do you use a paring knife, etc.
norman t Premium Plus
Diane, this lesson on niche ideas is extremely helpful. Narrowing down is the key, right?

My niche is DIY Indoor Gardens (for beginners). I think I can be even more specific, but how would I go about it? I want to start with (herbs). How can I get very specific with this category? Please give me an example.
TheAbie Premium Plus
You may input your niche subject in Alphabet Soup X for further research niching it down if need be, giving you autosuggestions from Google; real folks asking in real-time. However, you still have to use Jaaxy to look up the stats.

Kyle's webinar
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I actually think that indoor gardening for beginners is already quite specific. You can have different categories within it, such as herbs, vegetables, plants for shady rooms, plants for sunny rooms, plants for the bathroom, etc.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - a narrower niche, such as those you have suggested, may help you gain authority a little quicker. However, don't go so narrow that you run out of content to write about.

Eventually, you could have hundreds of posts on your website, so make sure your niche will allow you to find enough ideas to write about every week.
DianeScorpio Premium
Ideally, 80% of your content should be purely informational and not product-based, to show Google that your site is about helping people and not selling to them.

So, you would need to write lots of posts such as How to Grow Tarragon Indoors, Which Herbs Can Be Grown in Pots, Tips for Growing Basil in Your Kitchen, etc.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - the first thing to think about is your budget. Realistically, a good writer who understands keywords and SEO will cost a minimum of $50 for just one post of 1000 words.

Bearing in mind that ideally, you need to add a minimum of 2 posts per week, this is a very expensive route to take, with no return on investment for several months.

You can find cheaper writers, but their content may require a lot of editing, and may even be copied and pasted from other websites.

To be honest, you need to write your own content, until you know what works and what doesn't before you hire writers.
DianeScorpio Premium
The most important thing is to check out your competition on Google. When you have found a keyword you want to write about, put it in Google and see what websites are on page 1 of the search results. Remember, your ultimate goal is to be on page 1, otherwise you won't get any visitors

You can go as low as 600 words, providing you have fully covered every aspect of the topic. But if you check on page 1 of Google, and every post on the same subject is over 1200 words, you are unlikely to beat them.

You won't know if your content is good enough until Google has ranked it, and this can take several months.

On a brand new website, simply concentrate on finding low competition keywords and write as often as you can. Nothing much happens until you have written at least 20 posts.
TinukeWill Premium Plus
Your niche is a very interesting one. It will surely attract a lot of people. I think it's already specific enough.