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At one point in the video, where I mentioned that you can edit your video in this software, I made a mistake in saying you would load your “software”... when I should have said, “the video you want to edit”.

The free software used to create THIS video was ...and, I’m sure you noticed how, at times, the audio in this video is slightly distorted as well as lots of static... which is NOT in my FastStone Capture videos.

Recording video about using video creating software gets a littttle tricky at times... as you can tell.

The screen prints made using FastStone Capture need very little optimizing and they are of high quality, providing you change the DPI setting from default to 300... and, these images need far less optimizing than any Photoshop image that I have ever created.

As for FREE video software, so far, nothing beats Monosnap:

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phil1944 Premium
Thanks, Trish. Just had a look at FastStone Capture's website. Looks pretty good and with a free trial for 30 days then a $19.95 lifetime license, excellent value. I'll grab it next time I need to make a video.
Triblu Premium
You're welcome Phil.
Think you will really like this software.
lesabre Premium
Hi Trish, I am sure you get complimented, admired and thought of every time someone needs an answer to a problem they may be having, including myself. Your knowledge of 99.99% of solving problems is amazing. I do acknowledge, Marion, Smartkeeter, Fleeky, Susan, Anthony and some new persons and are so many more. I keep struggling everyday. Yesterday I watched your tutorial on how to get an image onto that empty face when I try to share something on the social networks. I was not successful, but is only temporary. I will watch your video again and try again. I will repeat everything until I gain success. I just wanted you to know how valuable an asset you are to me and the WA community. I have total respect for you and I thank you so very much.
Triblu Premium
Thank you Michael, and I admire anyone who is willing to continue to learn new skills as you are. Hang in there and you will be among those with things to share in helping others in need.
Colorman Premium
Great piece of software. Thanks for sharing. Will look into it.
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Leonard.
cris1018 Premium
Perfect timing... I was looking for this today! Thanks! :-)
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Cris.
Glad to help out.
FKelso Premium Plus
Nice to hear from you, Trish. I'll check out your video. Thanks.
Triblu Premium
You're welcome Fran.