Welcome to the continuation of my Pinterest Training. I was concentrating on this social network because I read many blog articles about how Pinterest brought them a traffic to the site.

Following all the tips, experimenting and applying my knowledge, Pinterest is currently my No1 traffic source for my site.

If you have not read (and applied) lessons from my past training:
Boost your site Traffic with Pinterest
please go back to that training so that you can proceed further.

In this section, we will concentrate on designing your pins and how to stand out among millions of others.

Let's first see what we learned from past training and what you should apply before we move on:

1. You`re Created a Pinterest Account ( or you convert it to Business Account)
2. Claimed your website
3. You Researched the Pinterest and found keywords in your niche
4. Created your Pinterest name similar to your brand/site
5. Chose the same profile picture that you use on your blog and social media.
6. You have your profile bio with relevant keywords in it.
7. Followed minimum 20 people from your niche
8. Created minimum 10 public - personal boards related to your niche
9. Created Main Board “BEST OF + YOUR BLOG NAME”, where you will pin with only pins form your site
10. Ordered your boards: main board first, personal boards after (in the order of importance), last: group boards
11. Named your boards and add boards description using related keywords.
12. Searched and applied to join at for at least 20-30 group boards.

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CandP Premium
Hello again, Jelena!
We have just completed your second tutorial and we are really excited to get started but of course, it is a learning curve for us.

We want to get everything right from the beginning. We do have a question for you regarding the "boards" that you recommend we set up.

Would it be correct to describe the "boards" as the equivalent of or similar to, the "categories" on our website? Are we understanding this correctly?

Colette and Philip
JelenaBB Premium
Yes, that`s correct. You can look at boards like categories on your site :).
CandP Premium
Great! Thanks so much! We are working on it now.
C & P
kimwolfe Premium
Yes, love this tutorial. I admit that I read both of your Pinterest trainings through first without taking any action besides creating accounts. But I’ve poked around on Pinterest so most of this made sense. I know that this pinterest Training will all make sense when I do the actions. Thanks again!
JelenaBB Premium
It will. Pinterest can get you a lot of traffic.
kimwolfe Premium
That’s what everyone keeps saying.
celiacman Premium
Thank You
Very interesting and helpful training,
I am not all that familiar with Pinterest even though
I have been using it for years
DebbieRose Premium
Very helpful..will bookmark for future reference. Thanks.
JelenaBB Premium
You`re welcome, Debbie!
Give It A Go Premium
Hi Jelena,
Wow, I learned several new things from this tutorial. I never thought about how only 20% of 'Pinners' are actually creating content. That's quite interesting. I also never realised that you could create a separate image to pin instead of using an image from your website, making it possible to pin your articles in many different ways and not just once. I have always used my own images from my article, but haven't always been happy that, while they are nice on the website, they might not be visually appealing enough to be re-pinned on Pinterest.
Thank you for this training. Time to go and redo some of my pins.
JelenaBB Premium
I`m so glad that you learned some new tricks for Pinterest!
I`m sure you will see the difference in your traffic and Pinterest followers.