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Microsoft Clarity

This is a short training about microosoft clarity

A free analytics program to add more information to find out where your site can improve

rage clicks - not heard of the video....

See what people are donig on your site with recordings....

To setup your account goto

And signup

Follow the account settings and when adding the project then follow the video.

Be patient as it does take a while to get the data coming through

But worth the wait

I have already made a couple of minor changes to my site where it showed js problems and a visitor was hunting for something....

I hope there is enough info here to get you started - if you have any problems or liked the video leave a comment below

And don't forget ot click the like all helps .

Thanks for watching


just a note

i triefd linking this with a new google analytics 4 site and it couldn't see it

si i reinstalled the site in google analytics and selected the advanced option

so that i could use both the older ua number and the new number

Clarity could then see my site

I am sure this is a small oversight in microsofts program and as it is very new the bugs will be worked out.....

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StephenThiam Premium
Excellent sharing. Thanks a lot.
feigner Premium
Thanks Stephen
hope it is useful to imporove your site
Triblu Premium
Wow Phil, Thank YOU for this!

Like'd and tagged for sharing in the future.
feigner Premium
thanks Trish
Not one i had come across before ad gives so much info i had ot share it
have fun
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Thank you Phil, great training on how to setup and link your accounts :-) Another one we can share with members ;-)
feigner Premium
Thanks Chrystopher, the more information you can get about visitors the better your site will become....
as i said above i have already made a couple of changes and hopefully that may improve the user experience - time will tell....

ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Very true indeed, and yes, it's very weird watching how others interact with your website :-)
cryptees Premium Plus
Thank you feigner more power to you m, for the add in of Microsoft software. This is essential to writing, because of , Words, accounting we can use Excel for uploading attachment we have the PDF,etc
feigner Premium
it is more for the integration of microsoft analytics than the integration of the office suite
very useful added analytics to help with conversions on your site
you are able to see where people are going what they are doing in much more depth than with google analytics.
worth a try
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Clear concise excellent training Phil
feigner Premium
Thanks Catherine
it does add more information for you to go through
weird to see someone else scrolling through your site - but useful info

TheCatherine Premium Plus
Yes it is weird