•There are lots of ways to name your website appeal to others.

•Images,color schemes,themes,product reviews,Helpful content and many more.

•We are going to cover all those things in this next section.

•Before we get into that though think about the sites you visit on a regular basis and why you prefer those sites.

•Also consider the functionality of your website things like site speed,site navigation, keeping all your themes and plugins up to date.

•A realy easy way to keep all those things up to date is to enable auto updates you should see that option listed on the themes and plugins in the back office of your website.

•So we can pretty much sum It all up into functionality and appearance.

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CathrinLars1 Premium
This is awesome, Jon.

I share your opinion on colors being powerful. I've chosen a red theme for my site.
I love the giveaway idea, and I'm going to try this out in the future.

Thank you for this great training.

Take care.

Jon456 Premium
Thank you Cathy I’m glad you liked the training!

All the best,

Jenny28 Premium
Great training Jon. The use of colour is very important and can make a big impact on your website and how people view it. I like the idea of having giveaways and contests, thanks for sharing.
Jon456 Premium
Thank you I really appreciate it and it’s crazy how colors can have such an affect on people
Newme202 Premium
Engaging content Jon. I have bookmarked this page for future use. Thank you
Jon456 Premium
Yes you can always come back and read it later
Jon456 Premium
Thank you I really appreciate it ! I’m glad you thou It was helpful