RSS is a very old method of telling your subscribers that new content has been added to your website. The webmaster would add the new content to the RSS feed in the website and the subscriber would use a RSS reader to pick up that feed and review the new material.

With the growth of social media especially Facebook And Twitter people are constantly checking for updates throughout the day. They also keep an eye on new emails arriving.

Today surveys show that less than 9% of internet users have ever used a RSS feed and Google has in fact discontinued their rss reader.

But there is now a way to use your rss feed that is built into WordPress by default.

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Loes Premium
I have to study this, thanks for your lead.
KatieMac Premium
This is great thank you ,, someone was only asking the other day for this sort of thing
dunbar Premium
Thanks for sharing Robert, I will bookmark this as I am not quite up to this stage yet, great lesson cheers Helen
FHagstrom Premium
Great stuff Robert, thanks for this
Dinh Premium
I use the RSS for my mailchimp email subscription and it sends out an email update each time I have a new post. It's really effective in making people aware and come back to your site.

Thanks for sharing!
RJScot Premium
Hi Dinh. I am very pleased to hear that you are already using a similar system and seeing great results