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JAN 2013
Presented by magistudios
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Working with local clients is probably one of the most satisfying online business sectors. Why? Because you have the opportunity to truly impress people with your skills and be rewarded financially. Oh Yeah.. It's really easy to do!Let's get you ready to take on your first client or simply hone your existing local IM skill with this hot new Local SEO Primer.Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday January 11th at 5PM Pacific where he will show you:* Local Ranking Factors* Google Place or Google+ Local.. Which one?* Step-by-Step Process for Setting up a new Local Site* Live Q & A SessionIf you have any interest in local marketing, be sure not to miss this live training presentation!* BONUS TRAINING RELEASE PARTY!After months of hard work and research, Jay will be releasing a brand new shiny Local Marketing Course available for all Premium WA members. For those who attend live, a bonus bonus PDF checklist shall be issued just for attending.See you on Friday!
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JohnnyMark1 rated this Webinar 10/10
Jay, I am immensely grateful to you for going out of your way to bring this ultra-valuable information to us in your webinars. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us! I know you move quickly because of time constraints, and knowing we’ll have the option to review the recordings afterwards. These recordings are extremely helpful for taking notes, because I can pause it, or back up to replay a section. You do a very good job at highlighting most of the details. Sometimes the details are glossed over to the point where the instruction, or intent becomes ambiguous or unclear. Sometimes I need to replay a section several times to see what’s really happening, to see where files must be submitted, or to understand the intent. When (or if) I finally understand every aspect, I add to, or rewrite my notes again so that every step is clear.

Thank you again, my friend, -John
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lpp rated this Webinar 9/10
I watched this whole video more than once...and I am telling you this the some awesome information...I have not put it into practice as of yet...However I will be doing so in the very near future...I highly recommend this information to those who are looking to get into local marketing.
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