Live Niche Case Study Part 2: Content & Traffic
1 hour Live Video Training
Rated 9.8 out of 10 :
SEP 2014
Presented by magistudios
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This is a direct continuation of our awesome Live Niche Case Study!

Join Jay this Friday Sept. 12th at 5PM Pacific where he will pick up where he left off last week.

Be sure to watch part 1 of this case study so you’re up to date when you watch live this Friday!

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Summary of what was done
Completed offline tasks
Adding the first review!
Adding Social Media
Pinging the Site
Live Q & A Session
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brichnow21 rated this webinar 10/10:
Hello, Barbara..I appreciate, that offer...and whole-heartedly, leap at the chance!
In, one months, time...I've made personal issues, about writing,,,which has just, been amazing!
My 21 day challenge to myself, inspired, by...something, anyway!! I've 4 more days, to go, but reams of ideas! That's the magic....something, very spirit, driven...could be my awesome,, lookie-loos!
I'm creating a dream, which has potential, to worldwide! In, this for the long haul, I have a mission....
12 steps for Everyone!....And, I know the truth...which is just coming, out from my head, to my heart, to my keyboard...just, flows!...It's be nice, if someone might, allow a real, discussion, about this seed, I just...Could be extremely, beneficial!
I'd appreciate, any response! Thanks, Barb
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Prestones rated this webinar 10/10:
Talk about having it all laid out for you! This is another great webinar in a growing collection.
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PMakaris rated this webinar 10/10:
This is a fantastically done case study by Jay. For any serious internet marketer out there you simply can't miss out on these webinars. Within this live case study Jay walks you through all the important aspects of creating your own highly-optimized posts! Even when you think you know it all, you realize the number of aspects that you've been missing out on this entire time.
There is no better marketing expert than Jay himself to get all your questions answered live and to get all the tips and advice you need to seeing such greater success! I highly recommend watching this webinar.
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Wedge910 rated this webinar 9/10:
Jay has shown that there are so many tools available to do just about anything with your website using WordPress. This training session demonstrated the logical way to proceed in setting up the website and creating content.
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