When you signed with your Rakuten Affiliate Network (incorporating Linkshare) you will have received an acceptance notification. On it should be the Log-In link. I have used the section of my acceptance to start this tutorial off. Yours may be different as they keep updating information it will be there somewhere and should look similar.

The Log-In process.

The following illustration notes this process from the initial log-in link to the affiliate page.

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MayuriW Premium
Hi Helen,
Thanks for the training. When and where can we use this? and what is the benifit of this? I am a total dummie in this regard. thanks.
TopAchiever Premium
You raise an interesting and valid question. Hope Helen comes to the rescue soon.
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Thank you Helen - bookmarked
MMail Premium
Informative post . I m looking for a sociable updated Plugin. .Any suggestions please ?
Larry_T Premium
Very good tutorial , Helen. I just saw a question on linkshare. Wish I had seen your tutorial so I could have pointed the guy to it.
HelenpDoyle Premium
If it's the site I saw, no you couldn't as I wrote it after seeing that site. I have linked to it before but just figured out their banner links. So I decided to do this tutorial.
MarineMom Premium
This is a very helpful lesson for community members. Thank you for writing this Helen.