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Added Oct 10, 2014

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If you are looking for niche ideas, Jaaxy has some very powerful features for helping you come up with a niche (or several niches).

You can leverage the brainstorming tab within Jaaxy to come up with ideas or you can take an existing and very broad idea and plug it into Jaaxy and get a wide range or more narrowed down niche ideas.

In this video I am going to be walking you through the process of finding niches, but also, narrowing down a niche and digging for keyword topics once you have your niche idea.

Here are some of the topics that I am going to be covering:

  • Using the brainstorm feature to come up with niche ideas
  • How to leverage Amazon to come up with an initial niche
  • Elaborating on your niches using the keyword search
  • Digging down into your niche and create quality keyword lists
  • Finding awesome domains for your niche using Jaaxy

If you have any questions about anything covered within this training, please leave them below within the comments area and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Maxiam59 Premium
wow Jaaxy does it again all the best
CarlaIves Premium
This is excellent, Kyle. Thank you! I learned a lot. This plus Jay's training last night really shows up the power of Jaaxy.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, Jay's training was a great addition and walk-through to the power of Jaaxy. The replay should be available within the Live Classes section shortly for those that did not get to watch the class last night:
Davidjardine Premium
Great, thanks for this Kyle
Damien-P Premium
Perfect video to start my day. Pumped over Jaaxy!
Seems there are features I keep missing.

Thanks again!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is why I am creating this videos so that folks can make full use out of ALL of the features available to them within Jaaxy. :)
nathaniell Premium
Love all the new videos coming out on Jaaxy. Will there be a central place where we can find all these, ie a classroom or will they be part of the regular training?

I've tagged them with my own label, but wondering if there's an easier way to share them when someone asks for Jaaxy training.
Kyle Premium
These are actually going to all be embedded right within the training section over at Jaaxy. Two of them have been added already, with two more to come.
jmorgan684 Premium
Another great benefit to being part of WA !! How I appreciate this
organizations commitment to excellence and support for its
Affiliates.Your "Over The Top". Thanks, Jerry