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Hello WA,

I watched the last training video by Jay and people were asking what does he use to tell if the sites were responsive.

He used an add-on to Chrome if I'm not mistaken but there is another option in your wordpress dashboard.

You can also use a filter to search for themes that are mobile responsive.

Making your theme responsive is a MUST. Most people search from their tablets or mobile phones.

This is a google ranking factor.

PleaseLIKE this training if it helped you. Thanks for watching.

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janmar Premium
Mobile friendly is very important.
theresroth Premium
I created my site ( Omega theme), on a smartphone......☺
bmontes Premium
Awesome. I imagine it was tough on a small screen. Glad it worked out for you.
theresroth Premium
Sometimes, when the typing mode's open, you can't see what you're typing underneath, or press a function button below a sign-in, that can really be the pits........
ClaudiaHB Premium
Awesome content, thank you so much for sharing!
bmontes Premium
Thank you Claudia. Thanks for watching.