I wanted to create this tuition as this is something I see A LOT of people failing to do.

I am keen on mounting up my credits on WA by offering Feedback to other members.. and I will be honest with you.. over the last 2 weeks.. I have maybe made 70 - 80 feedback sessions (I forget exactly) and i would say 90% of all the sites I saw had no Alt Attributes on the images... At All!

It is so important for the reader and for SEO..

Computers cannot read the information on the images, so we have to say what they are... and a lot of people are not doing it..

So - I hope this helps some of you out :) If So please Like and Share so all members can benefit :)

Lets Get Started!

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esteadman Premium

Thanks for this valuable information. I read in an SEO training guide somewhere that the alt attribute was only shown when the image couldn't be displayed, for example, on some mobile phones. So, I wasn't concerned when it didn't show up when hovering with my mouse.
Also, I use Yoast SEO and it isn't concerned with having the Title Image Attribute filled in, only the Alt Attribute. As soon as the alt attribute is filled in I get a green light for that SEO item.
However, I like the mouse hover feature and will be adding it to all my images. If it also helps SEO ranking, bonus:)

ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Your welcome Ed... glad the tutorial helped you
MelaniLukito Premium
Wow ....Thank you very much. I understand now that Alt Attribute is shortened from Alternative Attribute. Lol. Question : What should I do if Yoast SEO tell me that the tittle is too short and I should use call to action and keyword variations ? My article title have contained 12 words and Call to Action ( CTA ) already.
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
HHmmm to be honest I am not a user of Yoast, so I am not the best person to assist here. Can anyone else shed any light for MelaniLukito?

JohnG123 Premium
Very helpful! I was guilty myself of not putting tributes on anything as most images I use don't require them, but I can see how the SEO is going to frown at me for not. Found your lesson because I am using an image that required it. Appreciate you creating this training. I will pass it along.
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Thanks John .. happy it helped you out :)

CarolE1 Premium
Thanks, Chris,
I usually always put something in the alt text the first time when I add the image but never realized it had to be added after the image was in and update it. So, thanks, this is very useful info. Also, did u PM Kyle so he can update this in the training.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Chris, finally got around to finding where in the Get Started Course the instructions are to do this.

Course #1, Lesson 9.
When you get to 'IMAGES', click on ADD MEDIA.
Follow the instructions to load a picture.
Then, to the RIGHT of the Media page are the details for that picture. We used our own picture since we were doing our About Me page.
For Title: Patsy Picture
For Alt Text: About Patsy
Then Kyle stated if someone hovers over that picture this will show, and that it was intended for someone who is visually impaired..if they have readers on their website it allows them to understand what the images are.

I think the problem is that maybe..people FORGET to do this for the rest of the pictures they upload later on. They forget to look to the right where the picture details are.

I am going to share this information to my followers as a reminder to do this with every picture.

Thanks again for posting it :)
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Thanks for clarifying where the initial training was for this.. it did slip my mind.. has been 3 years since i did it lol

Thanks Patsy