How To Use Monosnap - Step By Step Text Format
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Description This course covers how to use monosnap in step by step text format for ease of those who find watching a video to quick and also for those who are impaired
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Download And Install Monosnap
Selecting A Screenshot
Using The Blur Tool
Using The Arrows Tool
Using The Circles Tool
Open An Image
Upload Images
Record Desktop
Using The Editor
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TopAchiever rated this Course 10/10
After using the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows, I was elated to find a more versatile screenshot capture system that included the ability to express one's thoughts by drawing all over the screenshot!

I so enjoy all the features and the advanced features just make Monosnap the best free screen capture software online today.

Make sure you follow the training step by step to gain the maximum benefit from it.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I'd love to hear from you. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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SueKolman1 rated this Course 8/10
I now know how to use my monosnap, (and thank you so much, it was so frustrating trying to figure it out myself ) but I was hoping to understand how I get a saved picture onto a review page. I know it's probably really simple but I'm an idiot at times.
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