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As you probably know, Google has an extremely competitive nature when it comes to SEO, so if you’re going to market on the internet, it’s probably a good idea to know how to do it well. The method I use is called on page optimization with some Keyword variables. I don’t use any back links. None. Also, since Google has changed how it rank sites, it might be a good idea to brush up on the subject.

You may be wondering how and when Google changed how they index. As for the when, I’m not sure, but I do know what they changed. Before, people would make blogs and websites and just pack them full of the target keyword; and Google loved them. But they had no real value. They weren’t helpful for people in the slightest.(this is called black hat SEO, it’s not too incredibly honest, or usefull.) So Google changed the way they do things in an attempt to make its server more searcher friendly.

So what’s different?

Whereas before you could just pack keywords into your content and expect the search engines to love you, it now might actually be detrimental to your SEO. Google now searches for a few mentions of your keyword but what it is really looking for is variables to that keyword that also give the same description. It wants words that are similar to your keyword, but not exactly the same. These variables are a huge factor in determining your ranking on Google. Scientifically, I have no exact density for your Keywords. I don’t think one exists. Sometimes it works well with one. Sometimes it fails with five. I think it might be random or be influenced by another factor that I am yet to learn about.

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TrevorSH Premium
Hey guys, I appreciate the comments. Instead of replying to them all individually, I'm going to do a mass comment. Thank you Melissa Amy Golden and JP for your comments. as always, i appreciate them.
Amy, I've never written an article linking to a site so I wouldn't exactly know if that would work, but the principals of SEO are the same, I would assume.
Golden I do have some webpages for you guys to see as examples, but all of my sites are a little old and need a little love, so let me tweak them, and then I'll make a post for it. Keep an eye out!
JP I actually do social bookmarking yes, but it takes about 15 minutes and I don't have to do anything by hand, so I wouldn't consider that back linking. I've never done an article, but it sounds like a good way to do things, so if you could shed a little light on that for me i would appreciate it. I would be happy to post some More information on LSI Keywords, but what exactly did you mean by a case study? I'm more than happy to help, but I'm a little confused.
jpnetco Premium
I guess what I mean by a case study, would be an example of a post in which you were able to demonstrate the use of a target kw and LSI kw's and perhaps show some traffic results from the various kw's used. As for articles, I think most people here use Street Articles alot and link back to their websites from within their articles. Street Articles seem to index and rank rather quickly.
melissafitz Premium
I'm going to work on this today because I pretty much used my main kw's throughout my ws. Thanks for an easy to understand tutorial.
Amy Farr Premium
WOW! I am definately going to do this. Thank you so much! Great, easy, relevant training. It is exciting to know there are other ways to be found. This would work in articles that link to our sites as well, I assume?
Goldenlady Premium
Hi TrevsorSH,
Thanks for this information. Do you have a webpage you've created using LSI keywords that people can view?
jpnetco Premium
Very nice explanation of LSI Trevor and how to use them. Would you be able to do a case study as it were on a post you've made to one of your sites showing your target KW and the LSI kw you used to support it. Or create a mock post if you don't want to share any of your target kw's. Do you publish articles to article directories and do any social bookmarking? You say you don't do any back linking and was wondering if that included articles and social bookmarking. Thanks again for bringing this to light.