1. How to use FTP to upload themes and plugins

Some folders are just too big to upload via WordPress so you have to use the FTP method to upload them. You can use FileZilla or some other source.

But today though, I'm going to show you how to do this using FilaZilla because a) Wealthy Affiliate approve of it and b) I think it's the easiest platform.

One word of warning before we start, you can't use FTP with SiteRubix....sorry about that

2. Here we go

Firstly, install and load the Client FilaZilla (not the Server) onto your PC, since you will be using it alot it's best to add it to your desktop for easy access.


Secondly, you will need to access your login details by heading to 'Build Your Website Here' via the SiteRuix tab at WA.

Once your on your Site Manager, choose your website and click on details, this will open another tab, which is where you will find you login details.

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Pisquali Premium
Thanks Sharon, I love Filezilla, used it for years.
Mark1957 Premium
Hiya Sharon,
Simple, easy to follow training of great value.....thanks very much - bookmarked for future reference.
Been great weather down here these past few days, hope you've had some of it too!!
Lady May Premium
Yes awesome, love it like this don't you?
Mark1957 Premium
Still like it too, 3 days later :-))
pisces Premium
Really, really the "easy" way. Congrats. :-))))
GeorgeEkman Premium
Thank Lady May, good info
copperdell Premium
Thank you for your help, this is most useful