A screenshot is exactly what it sounds like, a shot of your screen. They can also be referred to as a screen dump, screen capture, print screen, screen grab, etc. At the end of the day, they all refer to a picture being taken of exactly what is displayed on your monitor/screen.

Screenshots can be very useful. Here are some examples:

  • Use them on your website to illustrate something
  • Use them as a blog image
  • Send them to friends (via email) to show them something or even post the image to Facebook
  • Even use them to create training, as I will be doing :)
  • The options are almost endless

Screenshots usually include everything on your screen, including your Start menu, task bar and even your in-game screen - if you can see it on your screen, it will be included in the screenshot! Although, you can also take custom screenshots, to only include a certain area of your screen.

Here is an example of a screenshot that I did while creating this tutorial:

In my example above, I removed some of the screenshot (open tabs, window frames etc.) in the WA Image Upload screen. In the examples below, nothing is removed so you can see the entire screenshot taken:



Ok, so there you have a description of a screenshot and a few examples to show you what it look's like (in Windows & Mac).

Now let's move on to the process to create one - your very own one! Select the page at the top right for Windows or for Mac, or just click on 'Next Page' at the bottom right to continue...

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mightypaul1 Premium
very excellent useful and helpful tutorial=)
golf1800s Premium
Thank you - glad to help!
choppydo Premium
Just came across this. Awesome stuff Ryan, now I'll never be hurting for images for my bootcamp site. Thanks for the training!
golf1800s Premium
Good stuff! I hope your bootcamp screenshots are a hit ;)
mrbill74 Premium
I've always used the Prt Scrn option and then Paint for the beautification process, but it looks like this Snipping Tool can be helpful as well. Thanks for the great post!
golf1800s Premium
Always a pleasure :) Yes, the Snipping Tool is very convenient, especially when perusing around the computer, you just want to grab or cut something out - much like grabbing a scissors when paging through a magazine. Which reminds me... I haven't done that in YEARS - the Snipping Tool is my digital scissors!
Easy to follow and understand tutorial. Good job.
golf1800s Premium
Thanks Meredith :)
reefswimmer Premium
Hey, Ryan, thanks for this. The screenshots especially were helpful!

When I do a screenshot, its usually to email it right away to one person. So the quicker the better. The prntScr option in Windows just takes so many steps and reveals everything on my screen at the time, unless I take further time and curate it.

I use the Snipping tool . Easier, I think, and right to the point.

I'll try hyperdesktop today and see if I like it.

Nice to know alternatives.
golf1800s Premium
Aloha reefswimmer! Hope you managed with hyperdesktop? Perhaps you can write your own blog review about it, or even create a nice tutorial on how to use it :)