Let's Setup Email Through Outlook

1/ From the manage SiteRubix Email platform, click on Email and then click on Email Settings.

2/ Take note and if necessary, write down the information given for the Email Settings to use to create an Email Account within Outlook.

3/ Now open Outlook and click on File, then Account Settings, and then Account Settings AGAIN.

4/ Within the Outlook Settings dialogue box, in the menu under the Email Tab,click on New.

5/ The new dialogue box is for the purpose of creating a new Email Account. Skip all the info and scroll to the bottom of the dialogue box, and click on the radio button to the left of Manually Setup, then click on the Next button.

Next we are going to use the Type Of Service.

6/ Click on the Radio Button to the left of the last option, Pop/Imap Email Account.

7/ Now click on the button entitled Next.

This next section is the most important section as this is where you will put in the data we took note of from within WA Hosting.

8/ In the first field, 'Your Name' - type in the Name you wish people to see when they receive this email. For example, for support@- you could have a name Support Centre At xxxxxxx.The decision is yours entirely.

9/ In the next field, 'Email Address' - type in the Email Address you've just created in WA Hosting Email Setup.

10/ In the 'Account Type' field, select POP3 (the default is POP3, so this may already be selected).

11/ In the 'Incoming Mail Server' field, type in the information provided for you from WA Hosting Email Settings.

12/ In the 'Outgoing Mail Server' ALSO known as 'SMTP' field, type in the information provided for you from WA Hosting Email Settings.

13/ In the 'Username' field type in the Username provided by WA Hosting.

14/ In the 'Password' field type in the Password provided by WA Hosting.

15/ On the bottom right of the dialogue box, click on More Settings and make sure the port has the correct number typed in as per information provided by WA Hosting.

16/ Once you are happy that the information is correct, click on the OK button.

This will take you back to the Email Account Information dialogue box.

17/ On the bottom right, click on the button entitled Next.

A dialogue box will come up showing the processing status of the Testing Of Sending And Receiving an Email.

If this is successful, a message will pop up congratulating you that your account setup was successful.

18/ You can now proceed as you normally would with sending an email, just make sure youselect the correct Email Address, now that you have more than one.

19/ Test your account by sending an email with Test in the Subject field, From your Email Address and To the exact same one, this way you will know for sure that you can send and receive from your new email.

20/ Check in your Inbox to see if you've received the Test Email you've sent to yourself with your new Email Address.

Voila! You've now created your Email to be received through Outlook!

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Thank you for taking the time to follow this tutorial with me, I hope you have learnt something from it.

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wow Edu,it took some effort to put this together.I need to get this going so I took notes all the way to Outlook. I'm done in for now will save the rest for latter. Is Outlook free? I think Kyle taught on this and said he didn't store his emails on the WA page.Does Outlook have forwarding? Thanks,much needed!

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Outlook comes with MS Office Home and Business Edition. So if you bought MS Office, then no it's not free, you paid for it. However, in some distant instances, MS Office used to be included with a computer. ... then is was free. I believe you can forward emails in Outlook.
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