Paste the Analytics Code into Your Website

If You Have the Thrive Suite

If you have the Thrive Suite, the Thrive dashboard makes it very simple.

Go to the dashboard and scroll to Analytics and Scripts.

Click the Manage Scripts button.

This will show any existing scripts and you can choose to add a new one.

Click the Add New button.

You can paste the Google Analytics script into the next screen.

Paste the copied script into the Script panel and click in the Script Label panel to bring up the automatic label Google Analytics.

Leave the Placement as Before </head> and tick both Inserted In check boxes.

Click the Continue button.

This will then show that the Analytics script has been added.

Click the Back to Dashboard button.

If You Don’t Have the Thrive Suite

You can also insert the Google Analytics script with the free Ad Inserter plugin.

Install it as you would any plugin.

Search for Ad Inserter, then click Install Now, followed by Activate.

Then go to Plugins >> Ad Inserter >> Settings

Click Settings to bring up the Ad Inserter Settings page.

Click the gear icon to get into General Settings.

This will allow us to insert code into the header of all pages, i.e., between the <head> and </head> tags, which is where the Google Analytics code needs to go.

Click on the Header tab, then enable header code by clicking on the middle of the three small buttons (the one next to the php button) and finally paste the copied Google Analytics code into the panel.

Click the Save Settings button.

Third Party Plugins

If you want to install a third-party plugin to display Google Analytics data directly in the Admin area of your website, please refer to PART 2 of this training.

You'll find Part 2 at

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Newme202 Premium
I have done this so many times when just started, that I feel now that I can close my eyes and fill in this data. Still, your step by step explanation is always welcome. Thank you, Phil
phil1944 Premium
You're welcome, Simone.
muslimah Premium
Awesome tutorial, Phil.
Thank you.
phil1944 Premium
Glad you liked it, Muslimah.
west2000 Premium
This was very helpful and easy to follow with all the screenshots, Phil...I still need to update to GA4 and was wondering if the only thing needed to do that is replace the old code with the new one?

Going to bookmark this now for the future. Thank you :-)
phil1944 Premium
Glad to hear it, Susan. Yes, just get the new GA4 code and replace the old UA code.
west2000 Premium
Perfect...that's simple enough. Thanks, Phil. Have a super day! Hope you get some sunshine soon :-)
Triblu Premium
Excellent tutorials.
All have been "like'd" and tagged for sharing.
Thank YOU Phil!
phil1944 Premium
My pleasure, Trish. Thanks for the encouragement.
Pedrone Premium
Hello Phil,
thank you, for the very useful google analytics part 3 training,
also very easy to follow.

have a good Evening

phil1944 Premium
Thanks, Pietro. I hope the 3 parts together give a complete picture.
Pedrone Premium
Yes, they do!
thank you