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With a major Update coming from WordPress, introducing the new Editor Gutenberg, there can be the issue that some of your "beloved" plugins, internal/external Links etc. might malfunction. It did once happen to me.

In this video I will talk about why it is important to do these 3 simple steps, to not just secure the content of your website, but to check upon your plugins and their function after each major, or minor WordPress update.

The 3 simple steps are:

  1. Export
  2. Use this Plugin WP-Clone ( a training is available done by Marion Black, see Link below)
  3. Check all of your Plugins

Training in how to use the WP-Clone Plugin by Marion Black

NOTE: Marion also has great training about how to use the new WP- Editor Gutenberg

My own experience with a malfunction Plugin

I had a major issue with a plugin, I had for almost 2 years and which was working fine, when after a major WordPress update it started to malfunction.

Back then, I didn't know something like this could happen and it took me a long time and lots of headache until, lucky to WA-Support and Kyle himself, to figure it out what was the culprit, a plugin.

I don't want this to happen to anyone and with another major update from WordPress just around the corner, we all should be on our toes.

I hope you will find this training useful.

Thank you for your support as well by leaving a comment or hit the Like button, appreciated :)

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