How to Create a Bookmark

What is a Bookmark? A Bookmark is a placeholder.

If you find helpful training, blogs and questions and want to keep it for later use, I suggest you create a bookmark for each in Wealthy Affiliate. There are 2 places where you can create bookmarks in Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. In Search
  2. In the Training, Questions and Blogs itself.

Option 1: Create a Bookmark in Search

After you have done a search in Wealthy Affiliate (See Lesson 3), you want to create bookmarks for your selections.

I have made my selections and bookmarked it by clicking on the little blank star on the right. As soon as you click it, the star will turn yellow. With each selection, you can add a tag.

If you decide to select “No Tag” it will go to the uncategorized section. I recommend you add a tag name. This will sort all your bookmarks neatly into easy categories. It makes it much easier to keep track of your favorites.

I called my Tag for all the selections “Keywords”, but you can narrow it down even more if you want to. After adding your Tag name, just click “Add Tag” and it is all done.

Figure 8

Please Note:

If you create bookmarks for training, there is a little problem. Training tutorials normally consist of various Lessons, as you will find in this tutorial. By bookmarking training as per my selection above, does not mean when you go to your Bookmarks you will see exactly the same information.

The reason for this is that you have only bookmarked one specific lesson out of the whole training tutorial. It all depends on how the creator saved that 1 specific Lesson and what the permalink (See Figure 11 as an example) for the Lesson is.

See my Bookmarks below (Figure 9). This looks completely different to what I have selected and bookmarked originally (Figure 8). The Blogs and Questions should not have this problem as long as the Permalink and Heading are the same.

I know this can be confusing and there is nothing you can do about it. Just bear with it. This is another reason why it is better to add categorize (Tags) your Bookmarks. At least I know everything selected below is about Keywords.

Figure 9

A little task for you. From my Bookmarks, you will notice all the creators are different. It will be easier to identify the original selection with the Bookmarks section. Compare the 2 images (Figure 8 & 9) and see if you can match the one with the other. This will give you an idea what I am talking about.

Option 2: Create a Bookmark Directly in the Training, Blog and Questions

When I say material, I mean any Training, Blogs and Questions.

You open any Material and Bookmark it directly from there. See my examples below (Figures 10a & 10b).

By saying "material" I refer to Training, Blogs and Questions.

Do you notice the blank Star? By selecting it, it will changes to yellow and you can add a Tag Name. If you want to remove the bookmark, you just select it again and it will return to blank.

Figure 10a

Figure 10b

Although this training is called “Keyword Research Done the Quick and Easy Way”, the Bookmark name is saved as “Step 1: Tools You Will Need for Your Keyword Research”, because the permalink for this Lesson is:

Figure 11

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