So, you have put in the effort. You went through the training here on WA, posted your first few articles, but still, you see no results? Why is that? Are your articles not good enough?

We need to know that Google won't rank sites well, that are less than 6 months old. So if you did put in the work, and don't see any results in the first 6 months, it might be that you just need to practice patience.

It usually takes 6 months and around 30 posts to get what is called hockey stick growth. You won't see much traction the first 6 months, and then out of nowhere the growth kicks in and catapults your site to the next level.

What if your website is let's say 1 year old, you have more than 30 posts, and you don't get much traction? Then most likely something is wrong with your approach, even if you are following the training here on WA to the latter. This tutorial will be perfect for you because I might have the answer and solution to your problem.

How fast your website will rank, how many posts you will need, depends on:

Your Keyword Selection: If you choose the wrong keywords, you will never rank, no matter how much effort you put in. QSR alone is not enough to determine the quality of a keyword. More on that later on.

Your Niche: Make money online, pets, health, weight loss, food recipes. These are the most competitive niches out there.

It most likely will take more time to rank on page 1 in these niches, then let's say in a niche like "Ice Fishing in Belgium During Summer". But how many people are interested in ice fishing in Belgium during summer? Right, 0. So there is also no demand. It pays to be in a competitive niche with lots of demand, but we have to start working smarter.

So, if you are in a competitive niche, don't give up. I'll show you easy ways to find the best keywords with the lowest competition to maximize your results with the least amount of effort.

The Quality & Length of Your Articles: I know WA teaches us to write 1.000-word articles (I think they changed it to 1.500 recently), but I'll tell you 2.000 is the new 1.000. I have seen it over and over again, lengthy high-quality articles do rank better. Imagine if your article was close to rank on page 1, but just because your competition was that tiny bit more thorough, you missed the top spots.

Now, I don't say length is everything, but what I do say is that you rarely see 500-word articles ranking on page 1. If you see one on page 1, and it's not from a big authoritative site, you can be sure that it's a weak competition keyword. If it also has some search volume, go for it. You most likely can outrank it easily by writing a more thorough article.

Your Page Authority: If your site is new and has almost no posts, it will be hard to rank. With the method I'll show you, you might be able to instantly rank in the Top100 or even Top50 with most of your articles even with your new website. If it's a very low competition keyword, you might rank on page 1 instantly. I did it, and my site was just one month old. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does it feels great.

After posting, give it some time. Posts are like wine, they get better with age. It takes around 35 weeks to rank the post as high as it ever will be able to rank.

Some posts will climb higher faster, other might need more time than 35 weeks, but that's around the magic number. So, be patient.

If your post doesn't rank on page 1 instantly, that's normal.

If it doesn't rank on page 1 after 3 months, don't worry.

If it doesn't rank on page 1 one year after posting? Well, then we might need to think about rewriting it, adding some more length or choosing a new keyword.

Now we have gone through all the reasons why your website isn't ranking, let's go to step 2: Why QSR Alone Is Not Enough

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newmarketpro Premium
Thank you very much for the tutorial Philipp.
You have pointed out some in-depth techniques leveraging your competitors to get keywords that have high potential to get ranked.
Appreciated this. Bookmarked.

PhilBr Premium
Thank you. :)
Merazmi Premium
Great post. At last, I've read until the end. You make me wonder, should I continue in money making niche?

My site already 1-month-old and nothing got ranked in Google.

Should I stop and focus on something else?

Other things that I like that can be a new niche for me:
1. Electronics gadget - laptop, smartphone (premium one)
2. Arduino and Electronics component
3. Planets and Universes
4. Mobile Gaming
5. Anime

But of course, all these I've no experience and using it. Can I make money with one of this niche if I quit my money making niche?
PhilBr Premium
Hi Merazmi,
Yes, you should continue. Every niche can be dominated, just analyze your competition and see what has worked for them.

1 month is not enough time to succeed in any niche as I said before: It usually takes 6 months of work to get the first sustained traffic spike from Google. Sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes later, but don't expect too much during your first 6 months in ANY niche. That's why so many people quit during the first few months, they don't see any progress and they stop. Don't let that be you.

To your niche ideas:
1. You will have to write a lot of content, as your posts age. Nobody wants to read about 1-year-old smartphones.

3. How to monetize it? Ads?

Every niche can be monetized, but some niches are obviously more profitable than others.

Go for the niche you are truly passionate about, then analyze your competition and see what has worked for them and outrank them by writing better content. And as I said, don't get discouraged during the first few months or even one year.
Merazmi Premium
Thank you for the advice. So, can I use the strategy you share above for highly competitive niche like money making niche?
PhilBr Premium
Sure, you can use it for any niche. Just start with the weakest competition you can possibly find and analyze them.
Merazmi Premium
Okay thanks :)
StefanieT Premium
Thanks for taking the time to write this brilliant post Phil, it is much needed and appreciated. My website is just over a year old and most of my posts are nowhere near page one, but then I am in a high competition niche.
I have noticed, rather infuriatingly, that sometimes when I find what i think is a great keyword and write a post on it, I still can't find it even when I write in the exact title in the search bar. For example, I had a post on best weight loss supplements of 2018 and when I do that exact search Google starts showing me posts that don't have ANY part of the keyword in such as best diet pills etc. It seems to know that these two things are the same thing even though the words are completely different. This makes it even harder to compete with as my post title was actually pretty low competition, but it's still not showing it in a Google search. What can we do about that?

So I think I am going to go back to the drawing board and do the training you have suggested here. I was wondering, is it ok to find better keywords for old posts and change them as long as you keep them still with the main keyword? (not the url). I have read conflicting advice on this.

Thanks for your time :)
PhilBr Premium
Hi Stefanie,
best weight loss supplements 2018 is a good example to demonstrate what I'm talking about in this tutorial. The first page is dominated by: healthline, amazon,, medicalnewstoday,, webmd, verywellfit

These are all the major players in the health industry. It will be hard to rank for that term.

Google became very intelligent in the last few years. Even though these sites don't exactly match the search term, Google knows that the post is on topic.

The point is if Google didn't allow smaller niche sites to rank for the exact term "best weight loss supplements 2018" up till this point, it's very unlikely that your niche site will be the first to rank for it. That's why manual analysis is key, especially if you are in a competitive niche like weight loss. QSR alone is not enough.

So, what can you do about it? Look out for small niche sites in the weight loss industry, gather as many URLs as you possibly can. You know, the ones with less than 50k visitors a month. Then analyze their high traffic posts using trial, and write better posts using these exact keywords. Double check the keywords using manual analysis and like I suggested in this tutorial.

You can change the keywords of your old posts, as long as your content is still on topic and matches the new keyword.
StefanieT Premium
Thanks phil, that all makes total sense. Google is too clever! :-)

I will go back through your training and do what you say. I reckon it will make a huge difference. Thanks, and have a great day.
AlenkaV Premium
Brilliant training, thank you so much!

One tutorial like this is worth the monthly WA membership alone.

You've explained everything clearly and it's easy to follow.

Your advice is great and all the things you suggest make so much sense!

Thanks again, have a great evening.
PhilBr Premium
Thank you very much for your kind words.
PjGermain Premium
Excellent write-up Phil! This is very similar to the method I use.
PhilBr Premium
Thank you very much :)