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If you are interested in purchasing or finding out more about WPML you can visit their website (as it's not possible to download WPML directly from your dashboard and you'll need to create a password):

I personally dislike automated translations and prefer to write out the translated content myself. However, if you don't want to write the translated content yourself, WPML offers automatic translation services and they have an excellent getting started guide:



~ Chiara

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georama Premium
Tks for great info.
thor11 Premium
Thank you,very helpfull
Hudson Premium
Thank you very much for this. You raise a good point about the quality of the translation. How good have you found this translation versus a natural speaker doing it please? This may sound a stupid question but if you had a number of languages, and say you had a natural speaker of Spanish to do a translate of the web site can you then just post his/her translation into the web site having of course set up a Spanish tab and section? In other words can you mix and match between the plug in translations and your own ( via some help).
Thanks and regards
animachiara Premium
Hi yes absolutely you can mix and match. I did not look into their translation services since it was never anything that interested me from the beginning.Before you make a purchase I would invite you to take a look at the starter guide. They have different translating options.
christine2 Premium
I just wanted to add something about automated translations.They cannot possibly compete with human translators, in fact they can distort the content so much that it conveys the wrong message and even makes things impossible to understand.I can quote you countless examples.
My husband recently passed on some work for me to correct. It was an assignment for a University student who needed to have some work in German.I forget the topic, but I think it was about Iceland.
He used Google Translate on content from Wikipedia. I tried to correct it, but in some sentences I actually had no idea what he was trying to say, it was that bad.
I suggested that he should rather have gotten his content from a German Wikipedia page.I don't know why he did not think of that, it would have been much easier even if he did not plagiarise the content verbatim.
You should always get someone who knows the language to translate the content. Never forget that we want to communicate clearly and make sure that the audience understands us!
Zaragozana Premium
Hello Christine2!

When I looked at the website that Animachiara referred to I understood that while, yes, it does translate the content, it does a lot more than that. It translates the plugins and widgets and meta stuff. I will fully acknowledge that I am very ignorant of tech stuff and coding, but I would imagine that such translating of the technical aspects of a page's structure in terms of SEO would be important.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me could chime in?

I also find online translators hilariously inaccurate and recommend no one use them, unless they're truly desperate. I will say, though, that reading text translated online in this way is something I find endlessly entertaining.

Do you remember playing 'spell checker' back in the 90s? That was a good game too! You'd put in your name and those of your friends and see what bizarre versions the spellchecker would come up with. Ahh me... the joys of those innocent, sunlit hours spent sniggering over funny names on a computer screen. :oD
Zaragozana Premium
Thank you Animachiara for letting me know about this! I have bookmarked the getting started guide and will definitely be using it later.
animachiara Premium
You're welcome! Good luck! Glad to be of help! baci