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Joining big Pinterest boards is one of the best ways to get traffic from Pinterest and to get your pins noticed.

Trying to find them from Pinterest itself is a little like looking for a needle in a haystack. However you can easily find Pinterest group boards to join using these two simple methods.

The first is to search for Facebook groups dedicated to Pinterest Board Collaboration. You can also try this on Google Plus but I have not had nearly as much success there as I have had with Facebook groups.

The second way is to use to find boards on Pinterest - you can then go to the board and find the instructions in the board on how to enter. Usually the board owner will require that you follow the board and either comment on a Pin or send an email to request to join.

Remember that each board that you join will have its own set of rules set by the owner of the board. Pay careful attention to those rules or you may find yourself being removed!

Also keep in mind that while joining big Pinterest group boards you also have the option to add collaborators to your own boards. This is useful since boards with lots of Pins will generate more interest and will rank higher which means you may get much more traffic. In addition to that you control the board which means you have a lot more control.

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If you have any questions please let me know and I will try my best to help you!

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hirohurl Premium
Another useful video! Thank you Lynne. I've learned a lot on this course, and have already started posting specially made Canva images for my blog posts. Now to start collaborating and inviting collaborators!
LynneHuy Premium
Oh yes I LOVE Canva :)
TDenise Premium
Lynn, You did a great training here! Thanks so much!
LynneHuy Premium
It is a pleasure, I am so glad you have found it helpful. This has been the one biggest thing that has lead to my increase in traffic and followers.
Skydancer1 Premium
Great Information.

Thanks very helpful

how do I make my pintrest profile so I can accept others as a group?

have not seen where to do that.
LynneHuy Premium
You mean you want to add other people as collaborators to your boards?

In the same way that I showed you how to find Facebook groups you can then post in those groups letting people know that you are inviting collaborators.

You can also let people know in the description of your group and how they can contact you to request an invite.

Once your board has a certain amount of followers, pins and collaborators you can add your board to so people can easily find you :) I can't remember the amount of followers, pins and collaborators you need but you can check that on the pingroupie website.
Skydancer1 Premium

Thanks for the info. I have just a few followers at this time so that needs to change im sure.

thanks for the help
LynneHuy Premium
Honestly I think that lots of people find your pins through the big boards and through search, I have good traffic and I don't have a massive amount of followers. That is the beauty of Pinterest :)
tonypuck Premium
Thanks, I learned a couple of things here
Sharlita Premium
It was a bit fast for me because I'm not used to Pinterest yet but I will watch this video a few more times because I know this is great info you have shared here. Thanks so much and I love your trainings. I just followed you :)
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks and it is noted for next time. I will try and go a bit slower!