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Comment spam becomes more and more prevalent as your website content gets indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are automated robots that will submit comment spam to your website in attempt to get back links and also get exposure to their websites.

Akismet is a plugin that will block most of this spam from coming into your comment inbox in the first place. In this video I am going to show you how to:

  • Activate the Akismet Plugin
  • Create your account (in order to get API key)
  • Set-up the Akismet Plugin and Activate Your Key
  • Utilize the different plugin settings

If you have any questions about the set-up process of the Akismet plugin or how it functions, leave a comment below and I will give you a hand.

Note: Akismet is not perfect, comment spam will still sneak through. It however does a pretty good job and it is recommended that you set it up.

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Karyskis Premium
Thanks Kyle!!
atc1234 Premium
Thanks Kyle I will install know
cubandane Premium
Thanks Kyle, will do. I am on the road again. Slow start but I haven't lost sight of the goal. Thanks for all you do.
Kyle Premium Plus
No problem Simon, this is a good one to have to prevent an influx of spam (which can be very annoying). For the few minutes it takes to set up, it is definitely worth it.
Dave1941 Premium
Great plugin thanks Kyle
Kyle Premium Plus
No problem Dave!
brookeflinn Premium
I've been looking at my plug ins a lot lately. I know that each of sites we make have Akismet and CAPTCHA preinstalled. Is it really necessary to have a second spam plug in if we have Akismet?
tommydillard Premium
Yes you want to keep the bots out of your site that is why you should use captcha or a similar plugin
Kyle Premium Plus
Like Tommy said, the CAPTCHA can serve as an extra layer of protection against spam. Many spam bots can actually by pass the front end of your site, but for those using auto submit scripts the captcha will block these.