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Using this method of opening some of my existing Pinterest Boards and creating new Pinterest Boards is a great way to not only increase traffic to your website but as it turns out it also results in lots of new Pinterest followers!

If you are trying to get the most you can out of Pinterest here are all the tutorials I have published:

How To Set Up A Pinterest Business Account

How To Verify Your Website On Pinterest

How To Download And Use The Pin It Button

How To Create Boards On Pinterest

How To Create Pinnable Images

How To Pin Images To Pinterest

How To Join Pinterest Group Boards.

How to Pin An Image From Your PC To Pinterest

How To Pin Affiliate Links To Pinterest

How To Pin A Youtube Video To Pinterest

And a new training video:

Pinterest Keyword Research

If you have any questions please pop them in the comments.

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Sftat Premium
Thanks Lynne,
This looks great for adding followers after I have a few hundred. Unfortunately, I just have a handful so far.

Any suggestions about getting that first few hundred? You have lots of previous How Tos - where would you start?

LynneHuy Premium
Hi Steve

I would start with adding great pins, and joining big boards :) Follow all the rest of the training that I have published on Pinterest and then start with adding collaborators through Facebook groups, before you know it you will be adding to Pingroupie too!
Sftat Premium
Will do Lynne - thanks... Seems like lots of work, but that should be no surprise - you get out what you put in, generally. Seems like a powerful platform, so I expect it's worth the effort.
preciousns Premium
Wow, this is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this tip. I was also curious how to add the email addresses to the group, but you covered that in the video too. I'm looking forward to trying this out as I enjoy using pinterest to boost traffic.

Thanks again,
LynneHuy Premium
Enjoy! It is working great for me!
MKearns Premium
I'm pinning you to my bookmarks as the Pinterest expert Lynne!
LynneHuy Premium
LOL not really, just been playing around with it lately and its all coming together now :)
drcmaint Premium
Alright. Thanks for this.
Dmorrow Premium
Great training Lynne! I have bookmarked for reference. Thanks so much.