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Did you know that you can earn revenue, simply by promoting the amazing platform and community here at Wealthy Affiliate? The Starter membership here is completely free, so the barrier for entry doesn't exist, absolutely ANYONE can join and become you referral.

You can recommend people to the world's leading platform for Internet Entepreneurs. Here at Wealthy Affiliate people are learning how to build successful online businesses, doing something they love and are passinonate about, all whilst learning valuable life skills that can translate into new valuable skill sets!

Earning your first revenue online is always a big deal, so I wanted to give you a path to accomplish this. In fact, in this training I am offering you several different strategies that you can leverage. These include:

  • Sharing your affiliate link with friends, family and acquiantances via email, whatsapp, and/or text message
  • Sharing your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Sharing your affiliate link ANYWHERE you like

I also discuss the Las Vegas Incentive program for those interested in building a full time business promoting Wealthy Affiliate. ;)

Here are some samples that you can utilize (though you don't have to). Fell free to change or modify these in any way you like. :)



I hope you are doing well, I just wanted to let you know about a cool platform I just joined for internet entrepreneurs. I know you have been thinking about starting something online, and this is the place to do it. You get a free website, and you can have it up and running within the first few lessons of the training (which is included within the test drive).

You can take any of your passions or interests and build a business around that. The business model is discussed in detail in the 2nd lesson of the training, but it is pretty straightforward and leverages the affiliate marketing business model. The company is named Wealthy Affiliate (they have a 4.9 out of 5 trustpilot rating).

If you want to check it out, you can get more information here.


There is a good breakdown on their website as to what is included in the platform, and how this business actually works. I think you are going to find it really interesting, but if you have any questions do let me know.




I never really understood just how vast the online opportunity world was until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. There are over 5 BILLION users online now, and people like you and I can choose from over 550 MILLION products and services to promote, and earn commissions (brands like Nike, Amazon, Etsy, etc)

If you want to find out more information, and get a free test drive to start your business (includes a website, hosting, research tools, training, expert help, and a class to get rolling), head here.


Let me know if you have any questions, and you can network with me directly within Wealthy Affiliate if you do decide to set up your free account.

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Thanks for the samples. Check out my version of a pitch page. Comments are welcomed. I need to know if I'm on target and have captured the energy that WA has gong for it.

Wealthy Affiliate University 100% REBATE

It’s nearly as if the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University have no clue how much their membership site is worth.

They continue adding more and more tools, training, and resources, yet they haven’t increased their price in years.

Wealthy Affiliate University not only provides top – notch affiliate training, it also provides literally thousands of dollars worth of marketing tools – serious tools, too. Not the cheap junk you see everywhere else.

Wealthy Affiliate University is an Internet Marketing University where you will learn by interacting with online tools, guides, courses and with genuine people. There are few programs available that have what Wealthy Affiliate University has.

The site is run by two extremely successful internet Marketers, Kyle & Carson. They are constantly coaching and mentoring the members of Wealthy Affiliate University towards success – earning money online.

Who Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate University

Whether you are a Novice with little to no experience with Internet Marketing, or are an advanced marketer with years of experience, Wealthy Affiliate University has resources for all levels.
They also have a very active forum worth thousands of dollars to anyone keen to read through the tips and techniques that have been posted.

Who Does NOT belong at Wealthy Affiliate University

If you’re the kind of fellow who thinks that there’s some mystery system out there where you can just push a button and loads of cash will start falling out of the sky, don’t even consider joining Wealthy Affiliate University .

In fact, if you believe that, you shouldn‘t be at this site at all. Go join some ”Easy Guaranteed Money – maker” that will eventually get shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (did you know that the FTC sometimes goes after people who promote such programs, even if they don‘t own them? )
Wealthy Affiliate University not only provides top – notch affiliate training, it also provides literally thousands of dollars worth of marketing tools – serious tools, too. Not the cheap junk you see everywhere else.

Wealthy Affiliate University is an Internet Marketing University where you will learn by interacting with online tools, guides, courses and with genuine people. There are few programs available that have what Wealthy Affiliate has.

How long does it take to learn the methods that Wealthy Affiliate University teaches?

Obviously each individual is different. But my best belief is that it takes about 40 days for most people to get comfortable with their methods. However, you will have access to a lot of help along the way from the owners and other members of the site. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

First of all, I know some of you have paid as much as $3,000 or more for Internet Marketing coaching programs only to realize that you were totally ripped off. I talked to a few of you about what your coaches were telling you and I was shocked at how little they really knew… and I’m talking about very basic stuff.

Kyle and Carson on the other hand know their stuff. In fact they’re so good they each have dedicated Google Account managers. In case you don’t know what that means, it means that they are incredibly successful online. Google only provides dedicated account managers to the real experts that understand how to make money online using Google.

At the time of this writing (May 11, 2022), Wealthy Affiliate University is priced at $49/ month. You can start for free with no credit card required. You should also have a minimum of $100.00 for your first round of advertising. Eventually, you will spend more on advertising, but the funds for that will come from a percentage of any profits you make.

To get the 1st month of Wealthy Affiliate University premium for free, you must sign up through my affiliate links in this article and stay a premium member for at least 6 months and then email me your user name to wau-rebate at mtbn dot net. After the 6 months you will get your rebate of 100%. Yes; I will pay you back $49 by Paypal. No one is offering this special discount, you can Google it yourself,
I am the only one. The Wealthy Affiliate University is one of the most undervalued programs already. Even at the normal price you won’t find such a good deal. Don’t Miss out on this 100% rebate while it Lasts!

FTC Notice: All links in the article are affiliate links which I get paid a commission from when you purchase your memberships. For more details please click here for the FTC Statements
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Can you clarify "Wealthy Affiliate University 100% REBATE" - and what's the question?

Well actually subscriptions to the platform are not refundable as per WA terms and conditions. Also there's no cost to you as you are a starter, thus not subscribed to WA yet.

It this is kind of promotional, that's not permitted on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I kindly ask you to remove it and thank you.
EricCantu Premium Plus
I appreciate your energy man, but there’s a few things in this that are a little off. First, your rebate offer just isn’t how we promote WA. Getting a new member to join for 6 months and then having them email you so you can send them $49 back just isn’t a good business practice. Additionally, it’s slightly misleading when you call something a 100% rebate but what you’re offering is one month paid back out of 6.

That’s just not the way to promote WA. Instead, promote its value and how it’s the answer to what your target audience is looking for and you’ll never need to make bizarre promises of sending money back to your referrals.

Also, you state that when they join they should have $100 ready for their first round of advertising… This makes it sound like there are rounds and rounds of advertising fees to be paid. Not true. You don’t need any money for advertising starting off. It’s all about organic traffic when you begin. So again, nice energy and intent, but I’d just follow the training and not try to reinvent the wheel. The WA training legit works.
Hi AbieAJ I thought this was a perfect place to ask this question about my version of adapting the sample posts to social media and other areas.

Where would a better place be to get feed back on it here in WA?

I apologize if this was not the correct forum to post this into for feed back. I tried to delete it but I do not see a delete key option to do so? Feel free to delete it if you have the ability.
EricCantu Premium Plus
There’s nothing wrong with asking your question here. You don’t have to delete this. :)
Also can you point me to the TOS so I can read about what you mentioned about rebates not possible? What I am offering is to pay pack the members first months premium membership fee If they stay a premium member for 6 months after clicking on my affiliate link.
EricCantu Premium Plus
That’s totally clear from the post what you’re trying to do, it’s just unnecessary, trust me. :)

And if you’re hoping to be really successful with this it would mean that you’d ultimately be getting emails daily from referrals saying they’ve reached their 6 month point, etc., and what a headache that would be, and for no reason.

The value of WA speaks for itself. You say it yourself in your pitch how much value WA has but you’re then shooting a hole in that immense value by promising their first month back. You see how that comes off?

No need to reinvent the wheel here. You’ll learn that by creating content that is the answer to your audience’s searches you’ll get the traffic and conversions you’re looking for without any side deals. Focus on learning as much as you can and everything else will fall into place.

You’ll see man. Keep up with the training.
Thanks for your feed back Eric. I will modify this to be more inline with your suggestions.
I saw this offer in a really old Private Label Rights article from 2009 when it only cost 29 to join WA and that article brought me here to look into WA to see what it was all about. Talk about repurposing an old post... lol.

It reminds me of a company that offers new hires after 1 week $2000 to quit. Only the good employees decline the offer. I see the same affect happening with this offer. Only the good and motivated Affiliates will not even request the $49 back as they truly see the value that WA offers and will be so motivated to succeed that the $49 won't even be an issue.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I notice that you mentioned in Live Chat, that you were planning to use 365 PLR articles, one per day. With PLR material, you have to in effect completely rewrite it, so that Google cannot detect any duplicate content.

If this pitch page is representative of your rewriting, then, unfortunately, it is still 73% copied and pasted. So, when you say you are the only one offering this rebate, then actually there are others such as

If you plan on only using free traffic, then all your content must be original. Google is not interested in posts that contain any material already published elsewhere, and will not rank them high enough to be found by anybody.

Of course, if you plan on paying for advertising, then it doesn't matter. But obviously, once you stop paying, your traffic stops too.
Kyle Premium Plus
We don't allow rebates. But besides that, your marketing is fine. We don't allow affiliates here to offer cash back.

But great energy in your content, void of that! :)
Thanks for the clarification on what is allowed. This PLR article was really old so maybe at that time it was a valid offer. Time to sharpen up the creativity and come up with a better pitch.
Thanks for the feedback DianeScorpio. Good research. How did you find it and get a percentage of 73%? What tool or site did that? And my offer was modified to extend it to 6 months. But evidently this is not a method that WA allowes anymore or even maybe never allowed. It seems like the blog that had it found the same PLR article I found and used it verbatim but did not even put in a link to WA to get any value from it. At least I changed it around a bit and actually put in links to WA. But Still I could drop the rebate offer and rewrite it and it would still be a good article. I mean it brought me here to see what WA was all about at any rate so something about it created an interest.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I use the premium version of Grammarly, but there are plenty of other tools that do the same.
aldaygrl Premium
This is my biggest problem getting someone infront of my work and joining. I mean I've tried promoting things in the past and even now and I have no kind of activity within my affiliate links. Not sure what I'm going wrong here. I'm even having difficulty getting up and running here. It's been almost a month since I've started and haven't really got much accomplished. I'm just all over the place within WA. It's been hard because I'm more of a hands on person then having to read and then do the task. I know there are videos n all but I'm not really sure as to where to start.
Kyle Premium Plus
You want to go through the main training and follow through the tasks Teresa. This will get you building out your business online.

Within the main menu you are going to see a "Training" option. This is where you want to go to get your training, this is a 10 lesson task based course that is going to walk you through the process of getting your very own business up and running.

Here is the direct link: This training button is smart, and will always take you back to your last completed task. So as you move through the training, you will want to click on this "Continue" training button to go directly back to your training (where you left off).

I know you are going to make some awesome progress very quickly with the training there and if you ever do have any questions, please do let us know. You have an entire community of support here at WA rooting for your success! :)

See attached screenshot.
Hi there, if you want to promote Wealthy affiliate and reach the billions of users online is there a way to do this through social media, I do not have a big following on Facebook, and without reaching out to friends and family, how do you reach out to total strangers?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Absolutely, I would write quality succinct content addressing issues in relation to my niche with a good choice of targeted searchable keywords worthy of your visitors attention, onward sharing onto social media platforms for organic outreach.
Hi Abie, thanks for your response, so would this mean doing paid target marketing on Facebook and other social media platforms?
Kyle Premium Plus
You could do paid marketing, but I wouldn't get ahead of yourself. Much more sophisticated promotional techniques is going to be covered as you move through the training. The intention this training was to give you some quick ideas as to how you can promote WA.

If you are interested in creating a full time business through the promotion of WA and working within the make money niche, I recommend that you go through the Affiliate Bootcamp training.

If you are going to head in this direction, click on the Training => Affiliate Bootcamp. See attached screenshot.

Let me know if you have any further questions.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You do not have to initially, you could provide a lot of help by writing informational posts on your website and sharing onward social media platforms to attract organic traffic, and once you have done few conversions, you may then reinvest in your business with paid ads (i.e. taking Google out of the equation) if you like be it Facebook or PPC. That's the sensible way to go about it, and what WA teaches.

I hope this helps.
GrossKay09 Premium
Thank for this some are still Struggling with the whole process. trying to wrap there head around get in the groove with the training in the implementing. This is give people more hope to look forward too.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, for sure. Anyone can do this, and everyone (including Starter members) have the ability to share their affiliate link and generate revenue. :)
AdedayoA1 Premium
Thank you Kyle for this.(Something actually woke me up 3:30am and i went straight to my e-mails).

I remember this....i'd slowed down a lot learning about affiliate links and life got really busy....

Anyway, this is excellent and like you said, easy to do!

I'll start going through my contact list and start referring WA.

Enjoy the weekend!
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent, you can leverage this approach/strategy at any point, or with regularity. A good way to earn some one off, or even sustainable income in your business. :)