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Hi everyone! I recently made some sales with my Amazon Affiliate account. I ran into a challenge- I didn't know which post, which type of link or where it was placed, or even which site the order originated from.

I figured that Amazon had to have a way for affiliates to track the links so that we can replicate our successes and their company would be more profitable. What I discovered is how to create custom tracking IDs for each post, page or website, depending on how my business is run.

In my case, I have an essential oils website and a homeschooling website. Each site has posts that refer people to products based on the topic of that post.

To start, log into your Amazon Affiliate account. Then, find the header and hover over the email address for your account. Mine looks like this:

Click on Manage Your Tracking IDs. Then click on Adding Tracking ID.

After that add a tracking ID that is associated with the name of your post or product.

Whenever you're creating a new text link, banner, native ad, etc, you can change the Tracking ID so that you can monitor its performance in the future.

To check your Tracking IDs Performance, click on the Report option in the menu.

Then, select which tracking ID(s) you want to view

At this point, you now know how to create and monitor your Amazon Affiliate Tracking IDs.

If you are super organized, you may want to create a spreadsheet so you know where each Tracking ID is used in the event you want to use it more than once. This is an example that is still a work in progress.

Your report can tell you what kind of ad generated the results as shown here:

Not shown in this picture is that the PA-API generated my most recent profit. I'm still trying to figure out what type of link PA-API is, so if you can help me figure out what that is, I'll be super grateful.

In my opinion, it would be even better if Amazon gave me a report with the entrance point for each sale, in addition to the already provided Link Type Performance. It would save us a lot of time figuring out which types of links, banners, etc works best on our sites and which posts are creating results.

In the mean time, I hope this helps and that you'll be able to manage your links in a way that helps you receive the best success with your Amazon Affiliate account possible.

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Thank you. This was very helpful. I had my new tracking ID right away. We have three websites, so this is going to be so helpful to keep track of the numbers.
pitin Premium Plus
Thanks for this! :)
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I love you posts. I always flag them to come and really dig out the good stuff. Thank you for sharing.